Pictures are worth a thousand words...

*Warning: Very boring blog post ahead, if you don't like random pics of my day then skip this one!*

Miss Rascal in her new home getting a good pet.

Chester poses with Patience, but the camera woman missed her head.

Hubby takes care of the lawn.

Our awesome garden!

Max plays with the kids!

And I pose with Miss Sami.

We took these pics all in the same day, it was raining in the morning, but got sunny and beautiful to complete an almost perfect day with the family!


A few horse show pics...

There are a few horse show pics that turned out okay. Here's Chester and I in Sport Horse. He drastically improved since the last show as far as behavior.

Patience and Rascal were the first class in and as far as I'm concerned got an inadvertent disadvantage. I'll explain, the judges took a break before the gelding classes so I got to take Chester in the arena and practice the pattern about ten times right before the class. Patience took Rascal in and she was nervous - as was Chester the first few times. Anyway, it's a lesson learned, and great practice for Patience because she handled Rascal's nerves like a pro!

Here's grandpa! He came down to offer the kind of support only HE can, and it helped. Patience also showed Prize in Sport Horse, and was supposed to do the walk trot later on but couldn't because Prize went lame. D had a vet look at her and they determined age plus the stall.

All in all, it was a wonderful mothers day weekend with my whole family!



Technology never ceases to amaze me. I haven't been blogging, because our computer took a nose-dive crash. After trying to fix it and having no success, the ole trusty has been hooked back up. By "ole" I mean OLD - it's an early nineties model, but even though it's very slow, it seems to be working ok. There are sooo many updates! To start, Patience and I hitched a ride to the Green Country Arabian Classic last weekend (Thanks D!). We showed Chester and Rascal Sport Horse in Hand and they both did really well! This weekend turned out a success as well. Chester and Rascal have left the homeland, because I moved them to a different place on Sunday. What a day, we borrowed my dad and his trailer (he delivered it full of square bales - thanks Dad!) and spent the morning moving horses, stuff, and settling everyone in. I have so far been pleasantly surprised how well they're doing and how level-headed they are both being. This morning they both had a good walk, exploring all around, and a decent work-out in the round pen as well. Chester did not mind going with me and Rascal did wonderful by herself. When I took Rascal away from Chester though, he discovered being lonely and threw a fit. I just went ahead and left Rascal in the round pen till he got over it. All in all, I think this change will be good for the horses and good for the family!