Most horse problems are caused by people.

Wherever you go, there are horses for sale for multiple reasons. Be it a breeder selling the fine (or less than fine) horseflesh they've carefully bred, a trainer selling the newly ridden, or those who've lost jobs. But it irritates me when people claim their horses have a "problem." My horse does this or that and I don't know how to fix/correct it. No kiddin? Take a step back and look at where the "problem" or "problems" originated and if you're truly honest with yourself the issue lies with you. If for some reason, Chester refused to load in the trailer, I would know that's MY problem because I am afraid. If he freaks out at the show, it's my fault for not desensitizing him properly, not enough, or not staying calm myself. It sounds harsh, but the truth about your horse lies with YOU - you are the human and supposedly the superior species. If you feel like your horse has a past issue, work on it! If your horse flips over, try a portable corral. Refuses to load, do some research and try something different. Spooks on the trail, ride every day until its fixed. Refuses to let feet to be handled, work on it everyday. I guess the message, is not to take this post the wrong way. Just take a step back, don't give up on your horses, and take the extra TIME to figure out your issues. It will pay off in the end I promise.


So, Patience had her birthday party and she had fun. Friday evening we went shopping and mowed the lawn to get ready for the party. Here's some pics of Saturday morning: Patience rode and I rode, then the boys got to ride Garry for a few spins. Prize got soaped good with some kind of whitener shampoo that really worked wonders.

Prize gettin fussed over.

Clay's goofy smile (daddy didn't want a picture)

Sunday, we all went over to help get stuff ready for the show and decided to finish cleaning the trailer. Hubby went and got this stuff, which worked. I don't mean worked, I mean IT WORKS!

We diluted the solution half water, half purple power. Spray it on, scrubbed a bit, and then powerwashed it off!

If you don't say WOW, that's good soap, you're not normal.

I suppose we'll spend the rest of the week trying to get ready for the show! Wish us luck!


Wants, needs, and everything in between.

So, I e-mailed about that horse...asking price is $5k. I might as well walk outside, pick up some pebbles, and try to hit the moon. Don't laugh, I'm serious! Anyway, Chester will reach rideablity in the next couple years and we'll be able to hit the trails - plus, for now, I can borrow a horse for the kids to ride from Dian.
The show is next week! The Tulsa State Fair is next week! Hubby probably wouldn't admit it, but he's excited about our little trip too...I'm taking three days vacation and he's taking two. My parents and hubby's mom are coming to watch Patience show and for an upside to the whole experience, we'll get to let the kids enjoy the fair! My excitement can no longer be contained!!! Since we haven't taken any vacations this year - this is IT.
Patience has her b-day party this Saturday and we're keeping it simple. Burgers, cake, and ice cream along with a few friends and family. I'm actually not sure who's coming...I gave hubby the date and time, then put him in charge of invitations so I have no idea who, how many, if?. Oh, and I'm not cleaning house - everyone can eat outside...
I took the whole family to see Chester tonight and he did great as usual. We practiced some trotting and standing and IF I can get him to stay focused at the show he should do amazing. Some kids rode by on bikes and he never even blinked, MY kids jumped on some metal and he spooked in place (trust me, it was freakin loud). All in all, I'm proud of his progress. Patience told me tonight that she's nervous about her class. I said she'd do just fine and this is just dress-up practice anyway....well, maybe fibbed a little but she'll relax some.

I was beboppin around the net earlier and look at this bullshit: forgive me, I must be negative for the next paragraph.

I get these training tips from "Charlie" at horsetrainingresources.com and I really don't recall how. He's always yappin about try this and that and the "pulley bridle" got me curious. It states that THIS bridle fixes: 1.horses that are mean or bad to mount (they're mean cause you're stickin every stupid fuckin gadget on 'em every time you get them out) 2.Horses that rear (hell, I'd flip plumb over if you tried to stick THAT in my mouth) 3.Bad to shoe (what the fuck does a bridle have to do with feet) 4.Bad to Groom (you've got to be kidding me) 5.Bad to bridle or harness (lets ruin a good mouth) 6.Bad to lead (my mouth just dropped to the floor). Now, I'm sure there are worse things out there but this pissed me off! Jezz, just spend some time visiting and ASKING your horse to be wonderful and they will - TIME people TIME!

And here I've found the perfect saddle!

It's treeless and $599 - but it's beyond perfect for Chester and I so it's going in the "for sure" overtime purchases!


Oh, look.

How handy, I've found the horse for the other side of my trailer....
The kids can ride, I could ride, pony Chester, go on trail rides, playdays, etc...


Oh, she knows....

The day started stressful. Patience did not get any better overnight and was in the process of an asthma attack this am when I got home. I tried to fix it (with double adult doses of albuterol times two) and it didn't really improve...so, she bought herself a trip to the hospital-tonight, she is slowly improving. In the hustle and bustle of the am Sami got neglected: hubby and I both forgot to let her outside and she didn't get any of the standard am rawhide chips. All that combined led to a furniture mishap and a bit of yelling from me.

Don't worry, Sami finally got let outside and played with and we both got over it.

Sami got to visit Chester with me tonight to let off some steam.

Chester got us both centered and it was good to get out of the house for a while.

After a nice stressful day with very little sleep, I got to escape with my horse and my dog.

Birthdays and cheap cameras!

Tuesday morning was really fun...Happy Birthday Patience! She turned 10, had pink donuts for breakfast, mazzios (with games) for supper and then a trip to the game store at the mall. She picked three games and one movie for her PSP. (I took tons of pics, but I figure her party is Saturday and I'll post them all together Sunday) Throughout the evening I asked if she felt okay and she said she was just tired - my ass, 102 temp before bed. Nice.
We stopped by sears and looked at stoves (unsuccessfully) and meandered through the TV section (I need 3k) and hubby stumbled across digital cameras. Since I'd been taking pics all night with my phone, he took a second look. Wow, he says, come look at this. Holy crap, a cannon something or other with the right digital/optical zoom - 10 of those megapixel things and the image stablizer all for thirty five bucks. THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS you say! Yep, but someone had just bought the last one about thirty minutes ago. GASP, sell me the DISPLAY! No can do. GASP, a raincheck? No can do. Sniff, sniff, pout, stomp. I've been looking at camera's online ever since...


Monday Rain.

Sami.....wakey, wakey....

Huh? What time is it?

Can you hear the rain? Oh, I'm sorry, that's not rain! THAT is a get on Noah's Ark qualification goin on outside....

WHAT?! What did you say?! I thought you had to work Chester today, the show's next week!

Get out from under the covers Sami and I'll SHOW you...

Bummer, it is a flood!

Whisper so your horse will listen.

Sharing some awesome pics of the weekend!

Obviously not caring about the cooler!

Hubby took pics and they look really "vintage" which is neat to me.

Shaking the cooler-Chester's not giving a s***

Damn, that's a handsome horse!

I love these pics, thank you Dian! We did a mock show..guess who won?

Just thought I'd throw this back in here, aren't you impressed?

Rawhideeeeeee, yah!

Just amuse yourself with the next few pics...

The barn, the barn, the barnnnnnn!!!!

It's gettin there.

Sami was a little pissed about being home by herself.

Don't worry, we made it up to her : )

Wow! What a weekend...Friday evening, went to work Chester and decided it was time for him to try wearing his cooler. I wanted to try before the show; for one to see if he'd even wear it and for two I was expecting some sort of reaction...Never even got a snort. After letting him sniff (and taste) for a few minutes, I layed it on his back folded up and walked around the pen a couple times. Then, I unfolded it one time and did the same walk. He was doing perfect, but it was pretty breezy and I thought maybe the wind blowing it out would make him spook a little. I unfolded the cooler all the way and shook it around, moved it, pulled it up over his eyes and - nothing. We walked around and around and Chester was perfectly fine with the cooler, in fact, he got a little bored and tried to eat it! So much for any excitement about the cooler. After that, I lunged Chester and we practiced the canter command. He's a little lazy, so getting to the canter takes effort, but coming back to trot is easy as pie. We had to head home early for supper and such cause hubby had to work Saturday. (Did he ever work Sat, fourteen hours total).
Saturday morning the kids and I headed over to D's to ride. Patience needed practice desperately and I got to ride Garry again, so did both the boys! After that, I asked D if I could watch her lunge the two year olds for some pointers and just all around learnin. I like to watch, research, think, apply-if that makes any sense at all. Chester got his round-pen workout and then he and I plus the kids all headed over to the school playground just for fun. Of course, I didn't get any pics of THAT!
Sunday was a kicker! Hubby headed over early to help Marlin with the barn again and I headed over to get Patience some more practice. I even got to ride Garry. Dian threw a mock "show" to get Patience used to the "ring" so to speak, and she did very well. Prize was exhausted. Garry and I had a little fun herding fugly out of the way - sans saddle of course. Which brings me to another topic altogether. I hate saddles. I can not stand the way they feel and frankly, saddles get between my communication to the horse. As I was about to hop on Garry, Dian says she's gonna watch for a few minutes because Garry's not been ridden bareback before to her knowledge. I think Garry loved it! Apparently, Garry will be my mount for the "Ride for Diabetes" next month. (fund raiser trail ride) I was reading through the rules tonight, and bareback is against the rules - I call that closed minded, but I'm still going on the ride : )
Back onto the weekend: After our morning ride, we gave Garry and Prize a bath and headed out for lunch for the hard workin men. Then it was even more baths (I have since learned rain is in tomorrow's forecast-figures). Red, Tez, Gracie, Chester, Soli, and Sammy all got baths and my feet freakin hurt! Oh well, I did get a good workout. If it somehow does not rain tomorrow, Chester will get more work and we'll practice in-hand for the show!

Okay, don't laugh at me, I wrote a Wynchester poem. God help me, I'm going to publish it for your reading pleasure, boredom, laughter....jeez.
The horse in my dreams
takes flight.
Mane flowing,
eyes glowing,
he thunders toward me.
The beat of a drum
each hoofbeat
makes my soul hum.
Two spirits
are free.
You don't know it
you rescued me.


My Everyday Life.

Chester lovin on "his" boys!
Patience and Red.

Okay. Chester, Tez, Red, Soli, Gracie, Sami, Trucker. Then Sweetie, Rachael, Narly, Weebles, Spot, Charm, Eddie. Also; Rita, Norita, Baby. After that it's Fugly, Garry, Prize, Auti. Then water for everyone plus Chester's weight builder. Jeez D, did I get it right?
Dian and Marlin went to Arkansas today. She asked me if I could feed and water all the horses tonight. I said sure, no big deal. All the feed was ready...I separated the buckets and fed the horses, no big deal. Weeelll, the yearlings were still eating after everyone else was done. Crap, did I get the buckets mixed up? OMG, what if somebody founders!? Did I do it right? I watch D do it all the time. I think I got it right, maybe I should just call her. So I called, and I got it right. Whew! I had big plans to take pics while I was feeding, but the stress of that kind of responsibility took over and I forgot I had a name : ) Thank goodness hubby was there to help some. He followed and picked up empty buckets - then got mad cause I went around a tree and he didn't see the branch before it wacked him in the face. (Me laughing didn't help at ALL) He stomped around and found Dian's saw and started wacking limbs. Then decided Dian needed a clear path when she feeds and went all out. (I hope D wasn't attached to those limbs-I may never get asked to feed again) After that he was satisfied and we all (hubby included) petted and loved on the horses!

Family Fun!

Patience was supposed to ride this afternoon, but it rained all night last night and the ground was too wet. We had already planned for everyone to head over to D's house after hubby got off work, so that's what we did anyway. Chester enjoyed visiting with his entire family. This summer, it was an everyday occurence. Since school started I get up and work Chester before the kids get out of school and hubby gets off work. With all the homework, laundry, earlier bedtimes, etc it is just easier that way. It was fun today anyway. The kids ran around and got muddy and hubby visited with Marlin. Dian and I got out Chester and Tez for a little in hand (Tez is competition!) combined with zen grazing and puddle playing. It was really nice weather as well which made the evening all the more pleasant. Chester and Tez out together was entertainment all by itself. I discovered that when I get Chester out by himself he's considerably calmer. Tez spooked at something real quick and put his head back in the grass and Chester just kept looking every which direction for another minute - slower recovery time! After a while though, they both got used to it and paid better attention. The show is going to be a really good time. I don't know about you, but I don't get out much and anticipation is really getting to me. I have taken a small vacation so we can enjoy the horse show as well as the fair and the kids are about to drive me nuts about it!


Little somethings lead to big nothings....

Eventually came sooner than expected. You can't see it really well, but Chester is standing in a puddle. Granted, it's the shallow end, but we turned around here to the left and he walked back through the deeper part. I had on my mud boots so we did it together. I consider this a major accomplishment. Chester can not see the bottom of the water hole, but with gentle encouragement and praise he swallowed a little fear and did what I asked. Someday, while under saddle on some long winding trail we'll come across water and cross with no hesitations.



Really, you're famous? Yup Soli, just head on over to www.gcaha.org and scroll on down to 2009 Halter Clinic. You'll find that they not only posted the pics I sent, but also my friggin NAME. Not to mention that I accompanied Dian. I was surprised, I sent the pics on a whim and didn't expect to actually get them posted.

It's been raining. It's supposed to keep raining. The entire pen and roundpen are muddy and sloshy. Dian says yea, because it makes good grass (Chester appreciated the grass) and she always looks on the bright side...blah, blah, freakin blah. Fact is, I had to bribe Chester to the gate because I was feeling mare-ish and didn't want to get mud on me. Thankfully, he was in agreement and happy to oblige. He stood tied while I groomed him and patiently waited for his reward - grass. We walked up and down the road a ways and this is weird - I pick up the trash in the ditch and throw it around. He used to bolt, but now I only sometimes get a snort. I tried the big puddle again, and he did play a little in it (pawing and lipping) but wouldn't actually walk through it. That's ok, we'll get around to that eventually.

So, Chester. How do you feel about a road trip? Idaho is what I have in mind. 2010 Sport Horse Nationals to be exact...Between the Tulsa show next month and the Arkansas victory challenge in April we should be able to qualify. I might get a second job for the winter (agency or PRN) and work a couple weekends a month to pay for all my horsey ambitions next summer, fall, rest of my life, etc....Anyway, Chester says whatever-I'll go wherever my family goes!


Endless Entertainment

Okay, so we went to the Green Country AHA Stallion Auction. Endless entertainment does not even begin to describe that experience. The auction was held at the Eddie Ralston stables (www.ralstontrainingcenter.com) and I have to admit, I liked looking at the stables and visiting the horses more than meeting new people - nothing new, that's just me. I did get some devilish entertainment by introducing myself as Dian's groom, evil laugh. But all in all, everyone seemed genuinely nice and they all (myself included) appeared quite entertained!

This is the pasture board view on the way down the drive.

Here is the outdoor roundpen view with a barn/stables in the background.

This is the horsey list/organizational chart which I absolutely loved! Mr Ralston caught me taking this pic and he appeared a little taken aback, but I took it in good will. I was impressed with the cleanliness and massive amount of organization to run such a place.

I was immediately drawn to this horse, Khappy. Does he look familiar? Chester was jealous and he wasn't even there!

Happy horses all around the stables.

I couldn't resist a pretty picture.

This was Hans from www.fredericksborgusa.com the horse farm reproduction jaz. He gave a presentation on "collection" and AI. I'll admit, Dian was far more interested than I was although he was very informative.

This here is Stan Morey. An AHA judge and professional trainer who gave a halter clinic. Fascinating. The entire crowd was enamored and he broke everything down in a professional yet amateur friendly language. He stopped periodically to answer questions and even brought in a horse for a full demonstration.

Here is the crowd, just enamored and frankly baffled by who is that taking pics and why.

Here's Mr Morey with the mare. It's his mare, but he discussed her strengths and weaknesses very well.

He also pointed out that if the animal was properly trained anyone could set it up. Example: This little girl. He gave her some directions from afar and darned if she didn't get that horse to set up!

Somebody brought a big damn dog. They even purchased it a stuffed toy during the "items" part of the stallion auction.

The actual auction was entertainment in itself. Each stallion was brought up on the television as their seed was sold. Periodically, there were breaks where they sold donated items. I'll admit, I got caught up as well and bought a bright red cooler for Chester. (I was forbidden by my husband before the auction to buy anything, but it was a total bargain at under twenty bucks. He agreed and didn't get in a wad about it.)

Frankly, this cake was one of the highlights. I didn't want them to cut it because it was sooo pretty! It got cut anyway, and it tasted delicious. There was also a luncheon before the auction.

So, that was my Saturday. It took just about all day and when I got home I cleaned house and watched movies with my Ms Sami. Hubby had went on an overnight fishing trip, of which he came home early because of the rain and lack of fish catching. We had previously tried out a new restaurant Friday night, but it wasn't enough to blog about - so I won't. My parents brought the kids home Sunday afternoon, so I got to visit with them. I managed a little Chester time Sunday evening. I took Tristan over with me and just couldn't resist taking him into the round pen to visit Chester. I NEVER have a damn camera during the cutest of cute moments! Chester dropped his massive head almost to the ground so Tristan could touch him. Tristan was so enamored with him that he petted, rubbed, and then hugged Chester's nosey nose post kissies. Chester's eyes held a gentle far away look that's hard to describe and the moment was just priceless. Where is the friggin camera I thought to myself. Here's my "crazy" Arabian two year old practically babysitting my son and I have only the memory in my head. I will cherish it forever.

"To learn all that a horse could teach, was a world of knowledge but only a beginning...Look into a horses eye and you instantly know if you can trust him."
- Mary O'Hara