I woke up today to three wired kids who made a mess. A big mess. I thought you know, I really should have them clean up and do some dishes or something....nawwww!

Who can stay inside with all this SNOW! Snow to play in, snow for pretty pictures, and plus Chester has been wondering why I'm spending all this time with ANOTHER HORSE. He's so happy to have me back, and I'm more than happy to indulge (spoil) him during this wacky weather.

Um, can I have some weight builder with a little sweet feed watered down? Yes Chester. Can you take this thing off for a few minutes and scratch me all over? Yes Chester. Can you please clean out my feet? Yes Chester. Will you please, please, please give me some yummy treats and kisses in between? Yes Chester, whatever makes you happy (spoils you).

When Chester gets done gettin spoiled we head on over to work with Rascal (spoil her too). She's looking forward to today's "work"-can you tell? Patience asks politely: Is it time to work Rascal now? Yes Patience.

Will you please pet the princess? Yes Rascal. Will you clean my feet and scratch my itches too? Yes Rascal. Will you let this little person love on me and give me some kisses and brush me like a barbie pony? Yes Rascal.

HEY! Can we roll around in the snow and get all muddy and wet and stink up our socks? Yes, boys. In fact, why don't you go ahead and throw snow balls at each other and get your stocking caps and gloves wet too...YEAH!

Does she look spoiled?

After we got done gettin muddy wet and spoiling everyone I really vowed to go home and clean before work. GASP!

AWWW. Won't you play with me and love me and spoil me before you have to go to work?
Yes, Sami, I think I will :)

Slick and Hazardous

So, hubby's mommy was scheduled to head over Saturday. After the ice and snow however, I didn't think she'd come and she probably should not have driven over on the roads. But, there's no stoppin a woman with her mind made up-so she headed over! Saturday morning hubby started the turkey in the smoker while I waited....then I got the go ahead to start cooking the rest of Christmas dinner! It was delicious. Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls, gravy, dessert, we absolutely gorged ourselves. Then Patience and I headed over to take care of our horses, when we came back-we had ourselves a second Christmas!

The kids had lots more presents to open.

They were really excited!

Hubby started in on ours....

And the big family gift.....BAND HERO! Hubby and the kids played for six solid hours. (Plenty of time for me to finish my new book) MIL played on and off and everyone played with the new kinex sets!

On Sunday, we had to push MIL's car down the street a ways so she could get going and then we had horsey time again!
Here's Chester in his new blanket. I told D not to do anything for me feeding horses, but she didn't listen and bought the new blanket I've been lusting after. Chester looks great in it and he's really warm too! His friends chased him around for a bit....

Then everyone tried to eat it off....

Chester has pouted some about wearing clothes, but I am NOT taking it off. Especially since it's forecast to snow again.

Here's D enjoying the cold. She loves it when I take her picture :)

Hubby loves it too!

The boys are so bundled up, I can't see their faces. They love playing in the snow though, they've all three built snow men, made snow angels, and played endless snow fighting games.

Here's a great picture of Patience and Rascal (Ffire Danser). They love each other already.

So, I think we're officially horse women! We brave the wind, snow, rain, ice, etc to be with our horses everyday we can. Thankfully Patience does not pester me about when we're gonna go mess with our horses. She patiently waits until I've got everything together and is content to go whenever I go. I love it. I love Rascal too, she's so willing and cautious around my little ones. Hubby picked a good one, then again, he's really good at that :)
Can't wait till April-headed to another horse show. Oh, and I'm seriously working on gettin that second job now....


I'm Dreamin of a White Christmas...

Really, could Christmas get any more perfect? I don't think so. There was of course, a blizzard-that I had to drive to and from work in. And there was the fact that Patience's present was outside (at D's) and the scare of no electricity....etc. For all of that worry, Christmas really WAS perfect and I'm so thankful.

Christmas morning was filled with Ooooh's and Aaaah's about the snow and the presents! That makes mommy and daddy so happy.

There was a lot of ripping and tearing, plus some crying when it came to the horsey unveil. I won't play that video, it's a very private moment for our family.

The boys got a lot of tractors, trucks, and candy...but they were ecstatic about their TV! Especially after they found out it's going in their room with the Wii.

Ms Sami enjoys her gift...

Here's the TV/cabinet in the middle of installation. It has a DVD player in it, and they got the Wii in there next!

A little farther along in the morning, we braved the bone chilling cold and the ice and snow to give Patience some time with her new (unattainable) horse plus give Marlin and Dian their presents.

Here's the boys all bundled up for the weather! They got some new cars...

Patience got a pony care book from Dian and here she is, patiently waiting for Rascal....

Hubby sat right down by the fireplace, the place to be!

Here she is! Still in the green halter, but we all braved the wind and she got her new pink halter plus some grooming. Patience loves her, and I think Rascal loves Patience.

Don't worry, I've got LOTS more Christmas pics!

Let's get dressed up! (And keep some Christmas secrets)

When we went on our anniversary trip, Ms Sami got a sweater for Christmas but she got it early. Dang it, I couldn't wait-it was cold! Hubby and I also picked out some cool stuff (complete home entertainment center) for the boys and got a couple small things for our daughter...she had hoped for a horse. A horse of her own is what she wrote on her Santa wish list. We talked it over with her, how we just couldn't afford a horse, how that just won't work this year. It's really hard to tell your kids no especially when they're as sweet and earnest as ours.

Here they are, all dressed up for their Christmas program at school! My mom and dad made it over, and I let them in on a little secret...

You see, hubby and I (with a ton of help from Dian) went with the kids one day to "count" horses. While we were there, a little Chestnut mare named Rascal caught hubby's eye...

Wellll, isn't she just sweet and cute as can be?

Chester wonders, what the heck is goin on?

I seriously exhausted myself trying to get everything ready in time for Christmas....

Anniversary Trip!

My sweet hubby and I officially celebrated our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated a week early because the kids had their Christmas program and I had to work that particular weekend. Never fear though, cause his cousin happens to have an awesome band and they just happened to be playing in Moore on the very night we planned to celebrate. Our luck!

After leaving the kids with MIL and Ms Sami with my mom we hit the highway...for those of you who've never been on I35 for any length of time-let me tell you-it gets very boring. So boring, in fact, that I started taking pics of signs, semi trucks, and whatever else caught my eye!

We made it to OKC in enough time to visit, get a hotel, and do some Christmas shopping. Then it was off to Dan McGuinnes for an awesome night out!

The band is called "No More Heros" and they really played great! On top of that the food and service was all top notch (aka: they kept the drinks rollin)!

This is Amanda. A very sweet soul. Much sweeter than I'll ever be :)

This is me and hubby. We really had a great time, sometimes you've just gotta get a sitter and head off to the big city!

(Thanks Nancy and thanks Mom for sittin-and thanks D for takin care of my animals!)


Melancholy Musings

In an effort to compensate lost family/horsey time since my job schedule changed, I've lost my time. That's dangerous, trust me, I've already lost my time before and I can see the stealthy changes creeping up in demeanor and short fuse. On top of loosing my time, I've lost the precious times I cherished with my family. Previously, I had evenings with hubby and the kids-all evening including putting the kids to bed and having "married" time before work. I'm mourning my loss, my husband and children are trying hard, but they're mourning the loss as well. I can't help but think about the previous job I quit. I really loved that job-it had it's setbacks, just like any other, but I quit knowing that the added time spent with my family would be worth it. Now what? I don't know what the future holds, but I know this-I am on the hunt to recover the commonality I and my family had before. It may take a while, but keeping my composure I bide my time until time is reclaimed. This is my New Year's Resolution-admittedly early, but necessary.


While the boss is away....

Dian and Marlin left yesterday to visit family for Christmas. I've been left in charge of thirty some odd horses care and feed/water. It's actually kind of flattering and nice for them to get away for the weekend and trust me to take care of that many animals!
Chester has been getting more grooming and play time than anything else lately. His ground work is going to be a rock solid foundation and I'm waiting for some warmer weather for more under saddle time. Yesterday I got out a measuring tape-super SCARY! He acted terrified, but let me measure: He's about 14.3 which is great considering how much more growing he's got ahead of him. His weight looked to be 730-740lbs. He really looks great and he's learning more everyday. We've been working turning on the forehand and hind from the ground and Chester caught on quicker than I expected. Of course, next time it will be all new :) One step forward and two steps back! We dance.


SHHHH! It's a secret!

Wow. Christmas is going to be exciting this year. I'm sorry, but I can't let you in on the present secrets because the kids might be reading my blog too...they're also sneaking around the house looking and trying to peek under the tree every time I turn around. I just about can't blog because we're so wrapped up in last minute stuff I haven't had time to do anything but the thing's I can't talk about! So frustrating.
Anyway, Chester is starting to get used to the cold. You know how they're all hyped up and can't stand still-let alone concentrate on training. Now he's starting to even out and we're working despite the cold, which is really making my winter more bearable. Dang, I love that horse.



I know, I know...it seems everyone is talking about the cold. But seriously, it goes from bone-chilling cold during the day to mind-numbing cold at night. I haven't had much motivation to get outside. Just about enough time to visit with Chester and make sure he's handling it, then the dogs and cats, and then I'm back in with Ms Sami huddled under the covers! Just thinking about the cold is making me cold. I've been making the kids wear their long johns underneath clothes, and they said today (for the first time) that it actually helped-everyone else at school was cold and they weren't! Moms must know something afterall! Earlier this week, it started to sleet and then instead of turning to snow-it rained. Rain at thirty four degrees is NOT PLEASANT. Then, the temperature really dropped and the freakin wind started. Oh that wind, it's not as bad here as it was back home, but the prarie wind is something else. It bites into every layer of clothing and stings your face.
There do happen to be some upsides to the darn cold. For instance, I love to snuggle in a blanket and read-plenty of time for that. Then, there is the TON of family together time watching movies and playing around. Lastly, while the winds whip around your house you can take comfort and count your blessings that you're inside safe and warm. Some people don't have that luxury. Remember, it's the season for giving thanks for what you have and don't forget to always help others less fortunate-even our animal friends!


HORSES! (and dog)

Obviously, I'm obsessed with horses...and my dog! Either way, I am forcing you to look through my various animal pics! :)

Ms Sami in the round pen.

Chester and his jealous friends...

Tez is beggin for attention.

Chester doesn't seem to mind sharing...

Hey! What about us?

Just saying hello!

I like to visit Chester's mommy, Nellie. She gave Chester her sweetness.

This is Prize's daughter. Prize is the horse Patience rode at the State Fair...

This is Tex. Well, I call her Tex anyway. Her star is the exact shape of the State of Texas!

Can you see it? I tried to get a better pic.

Chester has been doing marvelous by the way. With all the cold snaps, I've had to work around the weather, but it's okay to take breaks I think. Christmas time is coming fast and we're trying hard to get ready, I hope everyone has wonderful plans...I'm staying home.