That went well....

Finally got sick and tired of the horses having mohawks! I took a trip to Atwoods (my favorite store) and bought some clippers. First I bought the Wahl brand that had battery powered clippers along with the little hand one (for whiskers and such) but took that back because the small one only lasted about four whiskers. I exchanged for some Andes brand and boy howdy do they work great! I actually cut the horses whiskers and bridle paths, then went home cleaned the clippers and gave both the boys a fade! I have to say, I was nervous about getting the "cheap" clippers (if you count fifty bucks as cheap) - everyone I talk to says don't waste your money. Actually, I could not be happier with my purchase at this point and I think if kept clean and sharpened these will work for what I want to do!
On another note, Rascal. Enough said right? Saturday was family horsey day and while Patience re-braided Rascal's mane I started to ride Chester in the round pen. After about ten minutes or so I looked over and Patience was standing there with her chin on the gate with a wistful look in her eye. You can evaluate the wisdom of my next parenting decision; I told Patience to come here, put her helmet on her head and told her to get on Chester - and she did. I kept a lunge line on him and all they did was walk in circles but the smile on her face said it all. So, at this point I am stumped. Current financial's prohibit another horse and we really love Rascal - plus her progress is astounding. Making her work is the option for now. So, today I got on Rascal. No, I didn't actually ride her, but I plopped a bucket next to her and laid on her back. Then I saddled, lunged, and put weight in both stirrups. Considering her previous reactions, today went well. Exceptionally well.


Well I'll be darned...

Oklahoma had an earthquake today! A five point-something on the richter scale about nine thirty this morning. Guess what? I was mucking around (LOL)... seriously though, I was cleaning up some horsey poo while Chester and Rascal enjoyed a light snack when all of the sudden they both just kinda flipped out. They just started running and neighing and kicking, even Sami ran around- I bet they didn't stop for about ten minutes! I just thought it was cool and they were all enjoying the weather. Anyway, the morning continued on normally. I groomed, threw out some hay, and went home to shower and nap before work. When I got up this afternoon it was all over the news and I thought - that's what their deal was this morning! There was an earthquake, the animals knew it, and I never felt a thing. I'll be darned!


Yak Yak

The farrier came out this week-yes, I decided that my back is not cut out for that. I did file both horses a couple of times to extend the length of time between trims and the farrier was supportive. I also did something interesting over the summer into September-the horses are now on a roughage diet only. I gradually cut their grain ration down to nothing, unless they give me a good hard workout and then it's served as more of a treat. It's definitely made both Chester and Rascal more manageable and they look better than ever. Chester is not even requiring weight builder!
I rode Chester some this week and we worked on frustration. Chester is easily frustrated when learning something new, and this is no different. I guess keeping his "lessons" short and to the point are just what he needs right now-I hope to goodness all this pays off because I'd really like to do some trail rides next summer!