Takin a day off.

Life catches up. I went to the library this morning and got all three sequels to Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove. Ms Sami and I are headed to bed!


Well CRAP!

I am a sucker. Saturday was a perfectly normal day till I went across Eliza Creek to feed Auti and the girls...I spotted this little dog. She was so happy to see someone and when she came running up to me, I noticed that she'd gotten tangled in a thorn bush, some burrs, and definitely some stinky mud. She seemed nice enough, so I got out half of a cheeseburger (I didn't eat all of it) and gave it to the poor thing. Then I fed the horses and got ready to leave: so did she. When I opened my car door she hopped right in and the thorn branch stuck to her back got caught on my seat. Crap. Having a concious can be so annoying. I took off my coat, wraped her up and proceeded to drive around and find the owner. To my dismay, no one has ever seen this dog. Again - CRAP. So, I took her home cut out the thorns and burrs, fed her and crated her in our garage. Hubby was out of town (lucky for me). This morning, I started in on her hair and it took me TWO HOURS to cut out the mats everywhere...literally like something you'd see on animal planet - her hair had even grown all around the collar! After trimming, she got a bath and some frontline. I've been trying to find an owner/ad for a lost dog, but with no luck. D is going to ask around tomorrow. I can not keep her, I can not keep her, I can not keep her....

But dang it! She's good with dogs, cats, kids, and horses.


Pretty Horses

Big day for Rascal. I went and got her from the pasture for a round pen refresher course! The lesson included crossing a street and walking about a half a block to the gate - she was a champion. A little snorty, but so very brave. We took it very slow and she never spooked at anything, just took some long hard looks and walked right into the round pen where I let her settle for a few minutes then groomed, lunged, and cleaned her two front feet. As I watched her in the round pen I couldn't help but take some pictures, she's just so beautiful. I'm not kidding, she has perfect (about as close as you can get) conformation and she glides over the ground like a dream! I feel quite the connection to Rascal, and I think she feels the same. It's weird, but there is a working alliance between us; an understanding that we can trust each other, and that I can trust her around my daughter.

Whew! Check out that trot. If I ever figure out how to get my video's on here, I'll put one on of Rascal's trot so you can get the full "glide" effect...

She was a little rusty at first, but after a few minutes everything got clearer for her and responding to my cues was a breeze. Oh yeah, it was raining (misting hard), but I just didn't care and nobody else seemed to mind.

I worked with Rascal for about an hour, but I did promise her that I would take her back to her friends. So I did and she seemed really refreshed and happy with the attention. Of course, Chester was very impatiently waiting and wondering, but don't worry, he got his exercise too.

Chester was a little bored today, so I tried to shake things up with a lot of transitions and reversals so he had to pay attention. It worked!

All the horses are enjoying the warmer weather, I didn't even mind the rain today! The only thing I could think was at least it's not cold enough to snow...

We're preparing for another show, the Green Country Arabian Classic is this May. Entries are due about tax time, so we'll see how many classes I can enter LOL! Sport Horse in Hand is a definite yes as well as Patience and Prize in the walk/trot, other than that we'll play it by ear and hope to see ya'll there!


A little Cabin Fever, but ended up a great day!

So, my kids came back from a grandma visit last weekend completely exhausted. They were all three on the tail end of a pretty bad cold with a cough but hubby thought they should go. Wrong choice. My little Tristan came home and promptly spiked a 103 fever = pneumonia + a whole week of missed school. Fun fact about me: I work in a Children's Hospital. After other's sick little one's and my own and the prospect of only one more day off I decided a little Wynchester time was desperately needed. I had to wait Wednesday till hubby got off work, but I shot out the door like a rocket hollerin "Be back later" practically before he could get in a hello! Chester misses me and I was dang near collapsing from horsey withdrawals LOL. D reports he does get pissy when I can't get by for a few days :)

Well, well. Look who's decided to show up! Where've you been?

I groomed and groomed Chester, yappin about stuff the whole entire time. We both got therapy!
I think we've both put on a little "winter weight" Chester. Better start workin out. You look great though (as do I).

Hey Chester, wanna try some more riding today? The weather's nice.

To keep everything good and safe (I do have people to support) Dian held the lunge line and we walked around. I do have one fear issue to work through: hitting the ground. Don't laugh, Chester is very, very sensitive and if given the wrong signal he could very well shoot right out from under me. It would totally be my fault. Taking all this into consideration, we took the time to relax. I talked about relaxing and relaxed, and then Chester was totally relaxed. It was a good day for both of us!


They're at it again!

I may have made a mistake when I bought Ms Sami this ball. It makes a really high pitched squeaky noise that just drives her CRAZY! Once you squeeze the ball she has to have it NOW, and hubby enjoys getting her all riled up-here they go...

She barks, he growls.

She's got it...

Not! She's after it though..

They both back off and hubby squeaks it again!

At which point Ms Sami jumps on my lap and says "Make him give it to me NOW!"

Do you see that look?! Foregoing the risk of my couch getting torn up again I went and got the darn ball back for her!

Oh, an interesting new blog for everyone to read! Life as we know it is the musings of a lawyer in Louisiana (with a beautiful house and barn) complete with pics! If you'd like to visit head over to http://maremom--lifeasweknowit.blogspot.com/
I've also heard a great idea from Misfit in Paradise! She's created magnetic bumper stickers for your car (why didn't I think of that) to promote her blog, so if you're interested in poppin one on head over and shoot an email! http://misfitinparadise.blogspot.com/


Chester hates the slinky.

So, Dian had an old red slinky layin around and asked if I wanted it. Her color is green and so I said okay, if he'll wear it. No trouble getting Chester to put it on, but when I walked off and he realized it was stayin on-he threw a FIT!

He rolled and rolled in the mud...

He tried shakin it off...

He tried to rub it off and when he realized it wasn't coming off, Chester marched right at me!

My boy does NOT look happy!

Get this thing off me!

With the threat of that eye ball I took it off! LOL-I only did it to save the blanket, you'll have to wear it again Chester...


Back on track and technology hazards...

Yep, I admit it-I am challenged when it comes to computers, printers, hard drives, and those byte things...sigh. It hasn't been easy, but just this week hubby and I got a whole new system at home (I still haven't figured out how to get the dang pics on this computer) and it's all really exciting! Tons of things have been happening lately - New job=lots of training and brain overload. Weather=horsey frustrations and being stuck inside. No kidding, it's been so cold and muddy lately I don't even want to take pictures - and that's not normal. But good grief, how many pics of snow or mud can you possibly take?! Chester had a little blanket accident, but hopefully it can be repaired...his friends "helped" him rip off his blanket right before one of our many blizzards, I checked on ordering another, but they were all out of stock. Thankfully Rascal's blanket hasn't moved, she really doesn't get it muddy, what a girl! All my people family have had cold's (mommy included) and it's been a tough one to get over-the kids got over it way quicker than I have LOL!
I am determined to post pics tomorrow, so wish me luck!