Just In Time

So, it warmed up right? Well, just in time for the warm-up we're forecast for another cold front! YEAH! We're supposed to get rain, sleet, and then snow. I actually don't really mind that much, I haven't had time to do much of anything lately! Just for an update, I don't have my old job anymore, but never fear, I started a new job last week and I love it. Sometimes, you don't realize just how unhappy you were one place until life steps in and sends you somewhere else. The only downside to all this nonsense, is that Chester and Rascal have yet another one of my life adjustments to deal with - along with the rest of my family :) But, I think this is a good change and after a few adjustment weeks we'll get right back on track! That's my update for now, hope to get bloggin again soon!


Warmin up!

The snow started to melt, melt, melt! It's slowly melted and tomorrow's high will be sixty degrees!

Everyone is enjoying the sunshine...

I enjoy a gorgeous set of blue eyes....

Chester, on the other hand, does not enjoy slinky's. Had to take it right back off before he destroyed everything else he was wearing-no kidding!

TA DA! Rascal is officially a Barbie horse! She comes complete with pink blanket set, pink halter, and pick grooming tote/brushes! Her and Patience have been practicing In-Hand and hoof cleaning...under direct supervision of course!

Life is interesting, enjoying a few curve balls lately (to say the least) but I think everything will be okay...hopefully.
Enjoy the weather everyone!


What was I supposed to say?

Some days are filled with questions that just can not be properly answered and leave us parents wondering how the heck we're gonna raise kids these days....

Every once in a while, we've got to run to town for errands and such. Every once in a while we drive straight through downtown and pass these painted buffalo. Now, I don't pay much attention to the buffalo, but my kids really like the painted themes and talk about them every time we pass by...

The boys really like the Woolaroc one with airplane wings and my daughter really likes the patriotic one...

If I've gotta pick one, I prefer the plainer ones....Wonderful and educational-Right?

Then there's this one. "Love the 'Ville" is painted on the side of the pink buffalo with ear rings...

It even has make-up on. So we're driving by one day when my daughter suddenly asks me what are the sparkly things hangin on the buffalo. Well, those are ear rings. Exasperated, she sighs and said NO-the sparkly things hangin off that buffalo. What? I really have no idea what she's talking about so when we stop at the sign I make her point out what she's asking. OMG!!!

What ARE those sparkly things hangin off that buffalo?

I put my head in my hands, moaned OMG, and said "I don't know."


Why do you make it so difficult?

Look at these three innocents. Yep, the one in the back got on my list today too.

Who? Us, we haven't done anything wrong!

Ummm, who DID this?! You're water is gonna be frozen! Don't you watch the weather, there's an arctic blast comin in tonight!

It wasn't either one of us! But we know who did it.

I took a second look at this heater and look at the heater in the yearling pen, the one in the yearling pen is in about thirty pieces! Ugh.

Wait a minute. I JUST put that back!

Welll, don't look at me, I didn't do anything.

I'm just tryin to get a drink...

AHA! Liar, you just got caught Sweetie!

Rachael, how could you?

GAHHHHH! CHESTER NOOOOOO! My sweet innocent boy, you're gonna get in trouble!

Oh, I know, I love you too-you sweet, ornery, innocent, happy, lovable, forgivable you.

After trying desperately to keep the dang heaters IN the water I gave up and went to tattle. In the mean time, Rascal's belly strap has come undone and I really need to rehook it. It's come undone a couple other times and I did not have any trouble - until today. Rascal is picky about eating. I thought-I'll just feed her, snap on the leadrope, fix the belly strap and be on my way. NOT! She wouldn't let me near her-Princess says "Do not touch me while I'm eating and I'm not gettin near my feed as long as your there!" I really tried to be patient and sweet talk her but she was just being stubborn. Well, stubborn met with stubborner: I picked up the damn feeder, dumped the feed back into the bucket and walked off. She was shocked and followed me to the gate where I turned around, snapped the leadrope on and fixed the bellystrap. I did manage to tell her what a good girl-finally! Sigh, why do they make it so difficult?


At least the snow makes pretty pictures...

It snowed again last night. It was snowing today when I got up, plus it was only nineteen degrees. All is well over at Eliza Creek Arabians, the horses were settled in the pasture casually munching their hay as if the weather bothers them none at all...

I used a "bright" setting on my camera, it was actually much more dreary than this.

As you can see, this is actually what it looked like at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Rascal came out from under the bridge to see me! I was flattered. Little Miss had to stay home, for some reason the difference between twenty three and nineteen is just to much...I made her stay indoors and warm.

You know I can't post without a pic of my Chester.

If you're just surfin the net, head on over to http://www.elizacreekarabians.com/ You won't be disappointed!


Horse Happenings

Today's high was twenty three degrees. When I woke up, another Winter Weather Advisory had been issued. That means more snow and in the ten day forecast, there's not one day above freezing. I am so glad Chester has been staying warm and dry in his blanket. I think he's getting used to the blanket and is appreciating it more. Today, he was really content to hang in the round pen with me and get some love. He seems to be tolerating the cold well, staying perky but definitely not acting as if there's another cold front coming in...

He really loves his everyday "treat." Weight builder is the bomb and it must taste good.

I really thought Patience should just stay at home, inside and warm. She really thought different. I relented, and watched her fall several times on some ice. I almost had a heart attack, but as Chester is a big highlight of my day, I just have to assume that Rascal is the highlight of HER day-and I don't want to deny their time together. Here they are: Rascal puts her head way down as if to say "MY little person is here to see me."

Rascal gets an awesome grooming everyday. They really seem to bond more and more each day. Some days Patience just wants to stand and talk to her...

Rascal is delighted by the jabber and humming while little Miss just brushes away...

When we got done grooming and feeding I caught these lovely ladies waiting for some yummy treats.

A calm seems to have settled over the horses. They're waiting out winter, just like us.


It's all fun and games....isn't it?

Here's a little secret. Hubby bites my dog. My dog bites my hubby. They go for the ears, nose, mouth....but sometimes, Ms Sami just does NOT want to play.

Here she is, he's trying hard to engage, but she's rollin her eyes.

He's ferocious! Um, mom, put the camera down and get him off me!

This is just really degrading.

Excuse me?

Mommy. Please, please, please put the camera down and save me!

Well, of course I did!


New Year

I'd say we brought the new year in with a bang! We finished the year off with a fantastic dinner-Steak and Shrimp... About eleven thirty we told the kids it was just about time to head outside...

It was really freaking cold, we lit off fireworks and gave midnight kisses-then went back inside.

After we lit fireworks and put the kids to bed, I had a little time for reflections. I miss summer is what that boils down to!

Remember long, warm, sunny days? Green pastures filled my dreams. As I've said before though, winter does have it's advantages...

Plenty of "together time."

Lots of ground work gettin done!

Christmas has certainly been a huge highlight!

TONS of snow to play in.

Beautiful, quiet winter mornings.

Okay, I'm done pouting about the cold. Doesn't she look sooo cute?!

Max loves the snow!

Sunny is just so hyper this time of year!

I guess you could say 2009 was a good year for us. Hopefully 2010 turns out even better! Lots of horsey goals...There's the show in April and a trail ride in October I'd like to take Chester and Rascal on. Sport Horse Regional's are on my mind as well...we'll see about that. Hope everyone had a great start to the new year, best wishes from our family to yours!