Three days, two horses, one tarp...along with my musings.

Along with some days off together, came some horsey training time. As usual, it was interesting.

Day 1: Chester is in the round pen. I decide to go get the $5 tarp I got at Atwood's out and see what happens. History tidbit - every other time I have gotten a tarp or plastic substance around Chester it has produced an amazing explosion. Nothing new for today. I took the tarp out of the bag while standing in the middle of the round pen and Chester took off at a dead run as if hungry mountain lions had spotted him. Sigh. I reined Chester into me with the lunge line with my left hand and held the tarp with my right hand. After ten minutes or so of circles he let me sack him out on both shoulders.Next is Rascal. She took the tarp in stride. I sacked her out and while she was obviously nervous, she never bolted. Deciding to push her, I put the tarp on the ground and asked her to put both front feet on it. This produced a couple of snorts, but nothing hairy happened. After this non-reaction from Rascal I decided that if sweet Chester wanted to eat, he could eat off the tarp. He took about a half hour to accomplish this task, but in the end he stood on the tarp rather nervously, and ate.
Day 2: Chester is meeting the big blue monster again, after he's already eaten on it again today. I was frankly irritated at his reaction (I'm human, OK) so I sacked him out until he put his head down and then asked for him to place both front feet on the tarp - which he did- finally.
Rascal walks over the tarp today, with all four feet touching it. The first time, she walked over, then did a little hop-around to see if it was coming to eat her. The second time, it was no big deal.
Day 3: Jeez Chester, you just ate off it again. I sacked him out and asked him to walk completely over the tarp. He hopped around, jumped over, shimmied, jigged, and planted his feet and refused to move forward. Uh-huh. Listen Chester, the kids are in school and it's only 9am, I've got all day to mess around here so let's just get it done. So, he did. I was super-proud of him too! Rascal wears the tarp today. She also walked over it and yawned.

Some other interesting tidbits: Patience had her first Washington Co Saddle Club Meeting this week (the boys are signed up now too, they can be clover-leafs till they're 9). Suffice to say that it was interesting. The meeting didn't start on time, but it was very educational for the young horsey-mind. We also discovered that you don't even have to OWN a horse to be in the club (however, some helpful mom's are willing to sell you a MINT of a horse AND give lessons - snort) and after some careful deliberation, Patience thought that Rascal should be great for now - thank goodness. I was a little put out at the club leader though, after the meeting part was over and they elected the next year's officers, she had everyone say their name and if they had a horse and about their horse etc... When Patience's turn came she said her name and Rascal and stated that she shows Sport Horse In Hand. The leader responded "so you do speed events?" No, Sport Horse, In Hand. This puzzled the leader and she said "do you ride her?" No, not yet. Leader: "She's eight years old and you can't ride her?" At this point everyone was staring at Patience and she looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole. Dang it, I am trying to get my daughter out of her shell and at this point your fifty-something ass is not helping! I realize, that taking an eight year old mare who's been out to pasture for six, was not the best idea. I get it, and I'm frustrated with myself, but Patience has shown her at halter and learned to groom and clean feet and sing to the horse - and that dang horse has boosted her confidence so much she wanted to join 4-H AND play basketball this year, so move along to the next person please! They finally moved it along, and after the meeting was over Patience decided that 4-H was indeed a wonderful idea and she can't wait till the next meeting.
Anyway, those are my random musings for today!


Time off...

Wow, six whole days off! I didn't ask for a vacation, but that's how my schedule worked out this weekend, and I wasn't about to argue! First, a little extra sleep and some movie's. Then working the horses and grocery shopping. After that, a visit home to see grandma. Saturday I took the kids to the Indian Summer Festival here in B-Ville in the am, then to the Western Heritage Days in Dewey for the afternoon. What a blast! Sunday Patience had her 11th (yes count 'em) birthday party. I've had plenty of extra time to work the horses and I even accomplished a couple of goals. First, Chester and Rascal will both let me sack them out with a tarp. So far, Chester will stand on it only with his front feet, but Rascal walks over it no problem. Second, I trimmed Chester's hooves myself! I would have done Rascal as well, but my back was screaming, so she gets it tomorrow. I know, what mundane things to have accomplished, but they're exciting to me.
On another note. Patience is going to join the local 4-H horsey club and she is dead set on having a horse to ride. She saved all of her money from her birthday and we have discussed the fact that mom and dad can only afford to keep two horses so one must go and left the decision up to her. After some careful thought, she decided a horse to ride is what she wants. -Interestingly enough, I am having a tough time deciding just which one will have to find a new home.


Hold on...

I discovered yesterday exactly why I do not take people out to "meet" our horses. An acquaintance at work who happens to live here used to "break" horses with her dad and practically insisted on coming out some time to say hi. I relented, everybody needs horsey time, and what's an extra hand to groom, right? Wrong. The acquaintance brought along her young child, which I don't mind (usually) because I have kids too. Anyway, the kid was wild, even after I explained all the rules about not climbing, running, screaming, etc... It started out nice enough, with her doing some grooming and me hauling around some hay and feed while Patience groomed Rascal. Then it escalated until I told all three of the boys (my young sons included) to just go play by the car - away from the horses. Then I decided to hop on Chester because I've worked the last three days and like to do a little "freshen-up" as I call it. Danged if that kid didn't come barreling out of my car running toward Chester screaming at the top of his lungs I WANNA RIDE, I WANNA RIDE, I CAN RIDE, I WANNA! My response was a no, followed by a NO, followed by another loud NOOOO, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! All the while poor Chester did his best to stay right where he was, rooted beneath me even though I could tell he wanted to high-tail it across country RIGHT NOW MOM. Needless to say, my lovely little ride was cut short and I escorted everyone to the car.

That whole experience really got me to thinking. I really like being alone. I really like taking my small little family and having our own horsey time. I also really like my days off during the week, the kids are in school and so I have the horses all to myself. Me. Me and sometimes the dog. I've realized that after all these years of searching for a "balance" in life, I've found it and do not want to let it go. Ever. My mind is absolutely cleansed of everything with my horses, and I need cleaned pretty often :)


Enjoy Life.

I've had to make some more horsey changes, but for the better. Chester went on some better feed, the Purina Healthy Edge Strategy and Rascal went on a serious diet. She's dropped about 400lbs (yes she had that much to loose). It's so nice to finally be able to regulate the horses diet and all their care myself! They've also both been on a regular exercise program. I think, that they look wonderful and I can tell they feel wonderful.

Chester looking handsome for the camera.....

and Rascal throws a little of that diva attitude over my way!
I have to admit, most of my horsey deadlines have been moved. Hubby pointed out in mid July that perhaps there was a little too much going on and that being super tired and trying to train the horses constantly was "overwhelming me." (His nice way of saying you're tired and being a *itch) Sooo, after evaluating his opinion, I decided he just might be onto something. I've re-evaluated myself and even though I spend less days actually "training" I think we're making more progress - just because I only "train" on the days I've got the energy and if I'm too tired we just groom or hang out. Frankly, I think we're all enjoying each other more this way. Deadlines are for people who need deadlines. Our family has horses to enjoy the horses, so that's what we've been doing! On an interesting note - I don't know if anyone else has been feeling the economic crunch, but we have. The October Arabian show at the Tulsa state fair is out this year, but there is an open show charging $5 per class at the end of this month we just might load up and go to. Another big expense is the farrier, and I'm seriously considering starting the horse trims myself. -Listen to my whining, and all the while I'm trying to find two saddles :) Anyway, that's today's update, hope to keep it up!


Something New

Soooo, to get to the arabian horse family from now on, you'll have to use http://arabianhorsefamily.blogspot.com I was using a custom domain, but this is just as easy. Plus it's free! :) Will post some updates soon, I promise.