Did you see my butt?

Sigh. So the kids and I went to muck paddocks, clean water troughs, and hang with horses. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, while I was cleaning the trough Chester moseyed over to check it out and started grazing next to me. All of the sudden I felt something crawling up my jeans...seriously! It was all the way up to my thigh and started wiggling - too tight to head up farther I guess. Good grief I freaked out, screaming and jumping all over trying to figure out how to get "it" out of my pants while Chester just stood there munching. Munching and watching. So, not able to get this living squirming thing out of my pants prompted me to just pull the damn things off - right then and there without thinking I pulled my pants off. There is a highway to my left and a house with people in it to my right and my children were behind (they were rolling by the way). Finally, I pulled a little green grasshopper out and sent him on his way. Then I put my pants back on. This sums up my week so far :)



Goodness, it's been HOT around here! 115 for the "heat index" yesterday and believe me, the horses are feeling it-yeah right! The two of them seem to thrive in the heat, running around in the evenings has become a favorite pass time. I have to say, I join in their game and almost had a heatstroke last night.

Chester is doing wonderful under saddle, I've started using a mechanical hackamore and he seems to do really great with either that or just a halter.

Rascal, however, has been a royal pain in the ass. A few weeks ago the farrier came out and she gave him a little trouble, while he was there I asked his opinion. His opinion was that I've been letting my daughter handle her. Rascal needs a firm leader. Hmmm. I took some of his advice though, and I have to say, Rascal is more respectful with me, but more willing for Patience. If that makes any sense. I have been thinking of sending her away for ninety days later this year (must have the money first). Not because I don't think I can train her myself, just that maybe a full-time working mother of three and wife may not have enough time to train TWO horses.