Monday : (

Okay, seriously. The weather is really nice, the sun is shining, Patience got her whole outfit (it fits) and I am excited about the show and the trail ride. But, I am tired. I need an entire day off. I am going to take it this Friday. I vow to go nowhere, do nothing, and veg in bed all day long. It's something to keep me going this week because I'm gonna need it! Ugh, never mind, it's only Monday. I'll never make it! I'll peel my pitiful ass off the floor in a few minutes and stumble through the week somehow : )
I have a few goals in mind when I wake up next Saturday morning:
-I'd like to begin lunging Chester at least three days a week.
-Order new surcingle pad and some other lunging equipment.
-Two just because trailer loads per week increasing the distance each time.
-Get my out of shape rear in shape. I think my horse deserves a little less weight from me.
Other things on my list of things to do:
-The stallion auction is the 12th, we need a sitter that weekend. Nancy? Mom?
-Get everyone informed about Patience's birthday party (the weekend before the show)
-Get Patience posting for the walk/trot class.
-Chester needs more in-hand work for his class.
-Garry and I need to get in ride shape.
-Overload complete.
-Boys birthday's in November.
-Thanksgiving: Need new oven, mine is broken.
-Fantastic ten year anniversary plans.
-Christmas presents.
-Oh, I forgot there's something at the school this week too..kids need to get to library, pic up two scripts at pharmacy, go by bank, and I need my polo shirt and pants for the show. *Warning, I've converted my blog to a to-do list*


Great weather all weekend!

So, Dian figured out that I was having horsey-ride withdrawals. Trail rides in abundance this weekend! Seriously, I can hardly walk. It's nice. Before the kids got home on Friday we rode about two hours and then again Sunday morning about two hours.

Soybeans. Lots of Soybeans.

A nice cleansing roll post ride.

Patience rode Friday evening and was tired. The kids and I all went Saturday to work Chester and Tez then Patience rode again and we took pics of Autograph for the stallion auction. Patience got a little worn out, and her asthma started acting up again. She spent the whole day Sunday laying around resting. Sami tried to comfort her. (I think it's working here)

I leave you in "four wheelin heaven" with the super jacked up mud truck. The kids are dwarfed!


Fast learner...

Chester had basically the same lesson as yesterday. This time though, he free lunged and on the third try he reversed toward me..yeah! Same as yesterday he got a lot of love for it and round pen lesson was done for the day. In-hand was a little more energetic than yesterday, and I can appreciate an energetic two year old. Then we made it out of the pen altogether and he zen grazed for a little while. Tomorrow will be something completely different. Chester and I both tend to get bored with one thing and then a little lazy at it so I'll rack my brain for some new exciting thing tomorrow. If you sometimes wonder where my head is regarding my Chester:
"A ruthlessly condensed training only leads to a general superficiality, to travesties of the movements and to a premature unsoundness of the horse. Nature can not be violated." Colenel Alois Podhajsky(1898-1973) The former director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Jeez I was tired today. The alarm went off as usual and I just could not bring myself to drag out of bed. Eventually I did, but I decided since it was so hot to go get groceries and eat supper before working Chester. I did manage to buy him and the kids a monster size bucket of powdered doughnuts : ) Hubby was jealous - but honey, I got you twinkies, well - okay.


Noses and a damn sweet horse.

Patience (that's cupcake icing)
Going through some pics today, I discovered a small obsession with noses.

Tristan with cupcake icing.

Oh, Clay looks onry.

The obsession extends into horsey life too.... Soli's nosey nose.

Laying in the hay - abstract nose pic.

Yep, I even kiss all the noses!

I sat on a bucket today and watched Chester eat.

Um, is she givin me some attitude or what? Crazy eye..

Aha! Finally got a pic of the horsewhisperer in the flesh. Braiding Tez's mane - that is one zen horse!

Down here is what's been done on the barn so far. It's exciting to see it going up!

Ah, Chester. Finally got to work in the round pen again today. He looks so handsome in his red halter and red splint boots. We worked on reverse with the lunge line. Then we worked reverse off the lunge line. The first time I asked for reverse he turned away and reversed - we worked a few more minutes, and I asked again. Genius! He reversed toward me and went right back into trot! I said whoa, clapped, said good boy, and kissed. We were done in the round pen for the day. I consider that a lofty accomplishment and I hope to repeat it tomorrow! Then we worked more "in hand" in the pen. I really am impressed with his attention. If I slow or speed up my walk at all, he's right there with an ear pointed my way. One thing I was having a hard time with was the right turn at the trot. Today, he did everything perfect and didn't try to go straight at trot-he turned right with me! I really love that horse (can you tell). Tez got worked again and I'm confident he'll be perfect! I was so hot (and tired) by the time we got done. It really wasn't the temperature, mostly the humidity. After I got home we ate, and while the kids played in the backyard I fell asleep in the hammock...then had to get up and go back to work!


Yep, I'm a little weird.

No pics of Chester today. To busy and frankly didn't have my phone in my pocket.
Remember princess Gracie?

This is princess Gracie's mom - Gary. I don't know about you, but when I hear that name I think of Spongebob's pet snail Gary - meow. While Patience was riding Prize today, I hopped over the fence and groomed Gary. Then I took Gary for a little walk. Hey, I didn't want to run out to the middle of the pasture by myself to pee. Gary happily went along, girls gotta stick together sometimes!

Ahhh, Patience grew a horse head! Prize is one of the sweetest horses I've ever seen. I think she'll be perfect for Patience in the walk-trot class.

Very interesting day. Woke up early, went to work Chester late. I'm hoping to get up early again tomorrow and go work Chester and Tez more for in-hand. Today, when I left, Chester was standing in the middle of the round pen staring at me. Sorry Chester - we'll work tomorrow!


Good Grief?

Awww, aren't they cute?
Sweetie and Rachel.

Patience really riding tonight!
See the pretty kittens? Hubby got home from work Friday and I said "I'll be back". Where are you going? Okay, so don't get mad honey, but I'm going to get some kittens...surprise, he agreed! Too many mice = cats. Of course, they've got some growing up to do, in the mean time we'll cuddle and love. The darker one is Sweetie, the lighter is Rachel. I hope D doesn't mind that I stole two of her names (she has two onry fillies named Sweetie and Rachel). They are a nice addition to the three dogs and one horse we already own.
This weekend was clean-up, not pajamas. Darn. I cleaned house while hubby mowed and then we both worked on the lawn. (The rain did not help with weeds). Chester had another beautiful "just because" trailer ride! He's really a champ, no freaking - just a little nervous! Of course, I was to busy loading to get any pics of him being awesome! On another note, the deadline for show entry is this Friday. Patience had another little ride tonight. Before I could bear to enter her I laid on some really hard questions. Do you really want to ride? Her answer was yes. I said Ok, but no more messing around. You've got to learn how to post and get serious. She agreed. I warned that the next few weeks were going to be difficult-that I was going to PUSH her hard. We practiced at home, went over the rules and I pushed her to remember them. We got to D's and I pushed, D pushed (not as much as I have been), and by the end of the evening Patience was posting. I think she really wants to ride. I've never seen her work this hard or put up with me this much.
OHHHH, darn it! I can't wait to post about D and Marlin's barn! It's getting close...that's really so exciting and I can't wait for D to blog about it! Of course I didn't remember to get pics of it either...exasperated sigh.
I switched around- now we're at www.arabianhorsefamily.com so don't forget!


Silly Horsey Pics

Sami, I'll be back to play in a little bit - stop pouting...

Grrrr, stop trying to untie him! He's standing tied!

Closer to freedom...

Freedom=broken fly spray.

Oh, you look nice!

Stop that!

Yes, Gracie?

Um, excuse me? The princess can not come in right now.

Me and Chester - no I don't have makeup on and I didn't brush my hair.

Chester looks nice though...

No, you can't eat the phone!

Not much to do with all the mud, so silly pics it is!


Good morning mama...
Good morning mama....

First day of school! Better eat breakfast!

Can I go to school too? No, but Sami got to ride.

Ahhhhh, a quiet day of sleep! Do I have to get up?
Wow, this morning was so busy. The whole week has been so far, actually. I woke everyone up early this morning to get ready for school. I was worried about the rain ruining all their new shoes (I obsessed about it all night at work) but we got lucky. The rain took a break for a few hours and we made it to school dry! Clay was so bleary-eyed this morning that he ran into the doorway-I heard a thump followed by ouch and some tears....gonna have to make him lay in bed till he wakes up. Tristan got right up this morning because he was ready for school - he's thinking yeah, no more boring summer days with mom. Patience was super excited, as you can see from her smile! After Sami and I dropped the kids off at school we came home...the house was eerily quiet. I thought it was too quiet to sleep...for about a half a second! Then we hopped right into bed and I drifted into a delirium I can't remember. When the alarm went off I thought I'd been in bed for days. Ahhhh, the sleep of all sleeps. I felt refreshed! So refreshed I hopped right out of bed (Sami lagged behind) and ran right over to hang with Chester before the kids got home. Chester still loves me! Amazing, since he's been standing in the rain waiting patiently! Don't worry Chester, I'll be back to our routine in no time!!!!!!
Dian figured out the photo program today, so now she can add new backgrounds to the horsey pics! Way to go D! Also, a big hello to Linda in Arkansas - hopefully we'll meet soon!


My Chester as a baby...

This is Nellie, Chester's mom. She is gorgeous and sooo very sweet. I know where he gets it!
Just look at his little bit of white on those back legs, and his cute ears, awwwwwww.

There are some serious perks to buying from the breeder. Baby pics for instance.


I just don't understand...

Seventy six emaciated Arabians in Texas. Starving, living in their own urine and feces. If the owner even went to prison, at least he's got a toilet and regular meals. Sacrifice people. Live within your means. Domestic animals are DOMESTIC. Like a child they need food, water, love, attention, discipline, respect. If you need help-ASK. I could go on and on all day. I hope when I leave this world, that I've at least taught my children to help take care of those who can not take care of themselves. A mouthful for sure, but includes people and animals.
How sad, and sickening. Such beautiful, intelligent creatures treated like the scum of the earth. Worse than prisoners of war. For what? I read that some of the horses may be boarders and the owners may not know. WTF??? Boarders have responsibilities-don't just drop off your horse and pay a bill. Go spend quality time, that's what horses are for. This makes me sick. I have a headache just thinking about it. The best I can do is take loving care of my own animals and give them an extra kiss tomorrow for just being in my life. I feel lucky for that.


More Superhorse stories....

My little Wynchester.
Remember the "Genius Superhorse" post. He had another one of those days! Hubby and I finished the trailer modifications and trailer mat installation in time for some weekend loading. D and I loaded Chester (his back legs had to be coaxed in) relaxed, shut the door, and headed for a little just because ride. Chester took it all in stride and was very calm. I swear- his intelligent, sweet nature is hard to describe. Sometimes it's like he just KNOWS!
We finished shopping for school clothes and supplies this weekend-thank goodness for sales! I still have to order a few clothing items for Patience for the show, but I have plenty of time. She was so cute today-Prize really started testing her and doing what she wanted. Patience really gave up and said she was done. D and Sally said no-keep riding and pushed really hard. Patience got really mad. Prize did what Patience wanted : )
Dian's website should be up and running soon www.elizacreekarabians.com and it's about time! I have been helping take pics for the stallions page and the for sale page.


You are like-HORSE OBSESSED....

My new parka! Random seriously thinks I've gone over the edge-it has his NAME on it!
My Wynchester! I can't get enough!

The blessed cool front with rain!

Kids playin in the rain! It was sooo cool and breezy!

You are like-HORSE OBSESSED!
A direct quote from a co-worker. My answer: Well, yeah. What else is there? I'll explain my upbringing a little clearer. I remeber being five years old and we had to move back to town. I asked my cousin Travis, now where will I put my horse? (I, as of yet, never actually had one) In the many years untill eigth grade I played horse, read horse, learned to draw horse, and begged for a horse. My mom promised when we moved back to the country I could have a horse. Two weeks into our new farm and I said "Where's my horse, we're in the country" -Can't afford one right now. Another week went by, and then the whole summer. I cried, begged, bargained, and dreamed. Then I FINALLY! Buck! I spent the next many years on the back of a horse. School didn't matter-obviously my only friends were my horse and dog (I managed to make good grades under the threats of my dad). Even after I started college I couldn't wait to go riding. Then marriage, kids-in no particular order-and work, and then he got sick. I spent a few bleak years without an equine partner and now I'm "Back In The Saddle" so to say. Forgive me if I'm a little overboard right now, but I don't think it's gonna go away so get used to it everybody!


Lots to yap about!

OK, so Friday Morning on my way home I spur of the moment decided to go and see the horses. Down the highway I go, look right-what is that? A FREAKIN BABY!!! Slam on my brakes and everything in my car goes flying forward at warp speed. WHAT DO I DO? Find your phone and call D. So, I'm looking for my phone (somewhere on the floorboard now) and my foot slips off the break, oops, not in the pen WITH the car-we can walk later. Phone found. D!!! You have a baby! "What?" YOU HAVE A BABY-IT IS HERE!!! "What's wrong?" BABY-I say again-freakin wake up your at work and you have a BABY IN THE PEN!! "Oh, it's here-she had a BABY!" Finally, she caught on to my gushing, "Take a pic and send it to me, what's it look like, babble, babble" I'm still in my car, give me a few minutes! "OK, bye!" Anyway, there is a baby horse and as you can see, all the two year olds were very curious and excited all at the same time. I got a very zen feeling from everyone and we all stood and groomed. I only let Gracie actually groom me because she's so gentle and never bites. I groomed her, groomed Chester, Tez, Red, and Soli-Gracie groomed me. We all watched the new baby while I hummed a few good songs. What a way to end the day! (sorry about the poor quality pics-camera phone and it was still pretty dark out)
Friday evening I brought the whole fam back to see the baby and Chester and I worked more on in hand till it got too dark to see anymore.

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to give all the two year olds their baths. Finally! First was Red, Tez,and Soli was next-Marlin heard my entire sailorvocab
while she completely avoided soap. Then Chester
followed by Gracie. Sammy got about four baths in
between everyone else. The rest of Saturday was declared
PJ day by me-way to hot to do anything anyway. In case
you're wondering-PJ day is where you lounge all day and
watch movies/read/nap/take pics etc....

Above is the view out our picture window. Very beautiful!

Pancake mix!

Saturday evening we all went to the local Bartlesville Round Up Club Rodeo. The kids really had a good time. I enjoyed myself except for one little incident. The rope-beating cowboy. I seriously would love to buy his horse. After he missed his calf he proceeded to hit his horse about the head with a rope. Incredibly, the lovely creature did not turn his beautiful neck far around-open his wide jaws-rip off ole cowboy-throw his ass in the dirt-and proceed to stomp the life out of him. Really, he was fully capable, and yet did not do it : ) Other than that, the whole rodeo was delightful. (I guess there's one in every aspect of equines)
Sunday, was officially declared another PJ day! We made breakfast for lunch and dinner-bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I went by D's house and gave Chester his weight builder, but other than that it was movies and layin around again!
Oh, I can not let this go.....apparently a prisoner escaped from Kansas and made his way over to Kay County Oklahoma-wrecked his car at Thompson Creek and is now on foot-on the loose! So, I grew up over west of Blackwell and I know the kind of folks he's dealin with. My grandma has been sitting in her recliner at night with her shotgun : ) She's 91, by the way. She tells me her friend down the mile is sleepin with her 45. Poor bastard! He has NO CLUE where he is at. I don't mean geographically. I mean, with the people he's around, he may never be found.......
Well, that's my crazy weekend, crazy story, crazy family!!!

HERE IS THE BIG EMPTY SPACE I CAN'T GET RID OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!