Chester got to wear a fly mask today. I could not stop laughing at him, it was one of those with ears and it was way too big and he looked so ridiculous. I think even he was embarassed. He got out of the pen and met a very scary log, screen, and some tin. All in all he does very well and doesn't really do anything but snort and put on a little show. I think tomorrow I may try to go across the street and see what happens and maybe if I can work up the guts-go down the driveway and into the trailer again. Jolly balls are a kicker! Dian threw one in the pen and he played and played, Random stated we should get one. He said it! I am allowed to go back to Atwoods, whew!
It's a little boring without the three whirlwinds, but I did get plenty of sleep today. They are going tomorrow to see the new Ice Age movie or maybe Harry Potter. Hadn't made up their minds yet.


I like this pic too...

Just some round pen work, am I doing it right?

Thanks for the pics Dian!

Very exciting weekend!

What is that?

My hands are shaking!

Chester workin hard...

My hands are shaking!

Good boy kissies!
So, friday night after it cooled off, Chester got a bath and some mane and tail treatments. His leg is fine by the way. Saturday, I got the kids up at about five thirty (yes - am) and we worked Chester while it was cool. Sunday, was the nerve racking day, for me anyway. Chester started out a little wiley, kicking at me in the round pen, so he got worked a little extra by me and Dian. Probably the weather combined with no feed till after work.
Anyway, Chester got in a trailer!!! First time and HE (at least) did very very well. I was scared shitless. It only took about five minutes for his front half to get in, and then the rest went very quickly. There was hay in the front and after he loaded/unloaded a few times he got a bucket of feed in the front as well. Loaded like a pro and I've got pics to prove it! Now I'd like all the haters to come meet my "crazy arab" - never mind, Chesters probably smarter and I don't want to insult his intelligence.
My MIL came and got the kids sunday evening and monday morning was some really fun riding. I'm glad it's cooled off a little. Monday afternoon was a disaster for me, I've got to stay out of that F*%#$ Atwoods store but I needed flyspray and then...well lets just say, I don't have to borrow so much and Chester has some liniment for his back legs. They're really ok, but I think all the stomping or maybe just a little sore from whatever. Oh, and they have SMB elites now and I did not buy them, I have some self control! (D, I left that blanket in your truck) What a weekend!


Ugh, Chester...

So today, I go get Chester and surprise! His left hind fetlock is very swollen and feels kinda like jelly. He's got a kinda crack/split on his hoof. I don't know if I should call the vet yet or not..Dian's gonna look at it in the morning, so the vet'll get called very very early if he needs to come out.
On the plus side, his weightbuilder is working nicely. He looks great and I'm going to measure this weekend because I think he's had an "up" spurt as well as "out". Will be working on trailer loading as well this weekend, will have to update again on Monday.


If I can make it till Monday!

So, having three kids under ten at home all day while you're trying to sleep cause you worked all night all during summer break is crazy. Seriously exhausted. Even if the weather was nice Chester would still be one lonely boy because momma feels a little off from lack of sleep. But, never fear, Nancy is here! I called today, and she says she can come get them on Monday! YEAH, for a whole week. Then on July 7th they're going to my mom's for a whole week. I hope we can make it till Monday...


Can you afford a horse?

I like to discuss financials with my grandma before I make big decisions. Since grandpa died in the mid eighties, she has run the entire farm/ranch operation. Plus, she lived through the great depression. I'd say she's got a handle on budgets. The last one was about Chester. I told her what I was thinking and after we talked over some details she said "well, can you afford a horse?" Hmmmm, with a little overtime-sure (I think). That's when she exploded with her infinite wisdom I love so much. Well Sally, you're not going to live forever. If it'll make you happy, I say go for it. So, here we are. Well uh-oh. Where was a trailer in my budget? Where oh where indeed! I thought about buying a fixer-upper untill I read an article last night about Blazes equine rescue. Seems they loaded up Blaze and the bottom came out of the trailer-they had pics of his legs. Hell no, not gonna happen to my Chester. I guess the trailer will have to wait probably till next April. A much newer truck is on the order as well. I need a saddle that will fit Chester, I'd like a fly sheet, a winter blanket, don't forget the vet in July for the dogs and horse, school clothes, a leather halter and lead, shipping boots, some SMB elites, the show in October.....Shit, I hate overtime.
Dad, I'm gonna need to borrow your trailer after all.....



No other word for it. This morning, I decided not to go see Chester till later...at 7pm it was still 95 and humid. I went anyway, and all we did was grooming and some more plastic bag-only because one blew across the pen and he spooked a little. Worked on the leg positions for in-hand. Arabianhorses.org states its traditional to have right front leg slightly back and right hind leg slightly forward with natural head and neck position. Chester caught on really quick and started putting his legs in the right spot every time we stopped. Gonna have to work on how it looks some more. The weight builder seems to be working well and I called to schedule an appointment for the "dentist". Teeth floated, wolf teeth removed, and coggins drawn. I met this vet once, and he seems OK and down to earth. I forgot to post about Chesters milestone on Friday-he got out of his pen and got to graze nearby on a long line for safety sake. He did very well. Before I left, Chester got all kinds of lovey kissies from me, he's such a gentleman!


Weekend chronicles...

Friday night was good, worked Chester, went and ate at Taco Mayo, and then we rented a few movies. Saturday morning I got up and rode Prize for a couple hours. It's refreshing to get on a horse again and relaxing, but I have to say...I missed Buck a lot that morning. Just a matter of getting to know Prize a little better, plus I rode the same horse for close to fifteen years.

We went to Woolaroc after I got home, and I have to say we all loved it! I can't belive we've not been before. After Woolaroc, we drove over to Atwoods-yes, my favorite store in the whole world! I have no control there, so Random coming with me is a MUST. Kinda like me going to look at trucks with him-but dammit, he didn't help. I did get a ton of neat crap, new buckets, some splint boots, hay bag thingy...etc. Oh, and I can not let this story go-I've been exposed to the ugly truths of owning a male horse. Dian calls it the "unspoken" of the horse world-sheath cleaning. Frankly, I could have went my whole life without knowing, but I must learn everything so I dove in..even watched a how to video. Now, I could have ordered the cleaner off the net a few times, but I just didn't think about it. I could use Ivory, but Chester deserves the best. So I guess I dug my own hole. Random has emphasized many times how he's NOT helping and is NOT gonna be around when this horrible act goes down on Chester. I must now tell the story...

After messing around Atwoods and walking up and down several isles, I can't find sheath cleaner. I spot an employee helping another customer around the animal med fridge. He's chatting inteligently and is an older cowboy-looking sort, so I kinda figure he might understand what I'm looking for (and not leave me completely embarassed for asking). I approach as soon as he's done helping, and I politely, if not quietly ask if they carry any sheath cleaner. "Eh" he says with his hand cupped around one ear. Ok, hard of hearing-I completely understand. A little louder now I ask again for sheath cleaner. "Sheep shears" he questions? Um, no. EQUINE SHEATH CLEANER, I say quite loudly. He looks confused. Again EQUINE SHEATH CLEANER, for my MALE HORSE. Another look, he's got no idea or he can't hear me. FOR MY HORSES PENIS-come on man, I've got my kids with me...Some time during the conversation (if that's what you can call it) Random walks up and is very amused at my current situation. The ole man and I went back and forth a few more times when Random finally steps in and practically yells "she needs the special soap for her horse PECKER". (OMG) Well, ole cowboy redded up like a tomato! He turned to me and stuttered, "Oh no ma'am, we don't carry anything like that here!" He scooted away faster than I've ever seen a man move. Did he even figure out what we were wanting? Damn, I messed up my eye makeup I got the giggles sooo bad. Must not have been a real cowboy.

After the real special incident, my mother called. She's in OKC and just bought two new couches. Can we come and get her other one? Ok mom, a month ago you were complaining about your six month old sofa. I asked if you wanted to sell, you said how much. We got all the basics out of the way and you said no hurry, you haven't found anything you liked yet. Can you give me a little more warning next time, please? At least we have a fairly new couch now.

Sunday equals lazy day. Sleeping in, movies, swiming,some spur of the moment horseback riding. Two mares and a stallion. Dian says he's ok, and frankly he acted like a gelding. By some miracle, I was not late for work, my husband still loves me (I made him a fried chicken dinner for fathers day), my kids are happy, and Sami gives me bye kissies. AHHH.


How can you tell the fryin pan is hot? Touch it...

I can't remember exactly when I figured out Chester's afraid of a plastic grocery bag. I can remember the first time I took one in the round pen. He had a moment, ran around the round pen freakin out and finally he fell. Got me all wound up, and I decided right then and there that the damn bag fear HAD to go! So, I've already sacked him with the bag and I was getting bored today (I know at least when I'm a little bored Chester is too) so I decided to see just how well he's standing tied. I got out the bag and he snorted and ran around a little, then I tied him and got out the bag. He tested my knot and didn't freak. He was tense for sure, but he stood and let me "sack" him again. I put the bag on the ground, and we walked all around it-he never spooked he just looked at it really hard. I've decided instead of the bucket for brushes and stuff, they're going in the bag and it should make for an interesting weekend! Worked on the turning on the forhand stuff and have a book borrowed that's helping lots. Whoa was a little harder today, I think because of the bag, he sure is pretty when he gets a little riled! I also left him-completely walked off-while he stood tied, and he was an angel.
My children totally conned Marlin today, he decided it was too hot for them to be outside so they got to go in and watch spongebob. Seriously, after we got home I couldn't get them in the house! Gonna have to train Marlin too while I'm there...
Random used Marlins welder to get the hitch on the truck today, one thing down at least. Just need a trailer now. Having a handyman for a husband is priceless!

I can add pics!!!!!


Just another day in paradise.

Today, was a good day. The kids didn't wake me, my alarm never went off, Sami gave me morning kissies, my Chester was an angel, and my husband cooked dinner while I went for a swim.
Today, Chester got his weight builder. Smarty pants Gracie got wind of the round pen work and wouldn't get out so...she stood tied for a good twenty minutes before I worked her too. She's really a pain (lovingly). I think I got "turning on the forehand" accomplished today, Dian tried to explain and she even gave me a book with pictures, but it's really out of my realm. Needless to say, I think Chester at least did it right. He stood tied for about twenty minutes too. Then I worked voice commands in the round pen. So far we're doing good on walk, trot, whoa, and easy. In hand is progressing nicely. I'm all hooked up for the Arabian Show in Tulsa now because Dian gave me a packet with all the papers to fill out and pointed out the stuff we can enter. So, Halter and Sport Horse in Hand it is. (I've always had a bad habit of entering whatever I possibly can).
My it was hot today! I just am gonna have to get used to it-already thinking about the Tevis Cup! Dad called today and said he's got wind of a couple more horse trailers but he hasn't gone and looked yet-maybe this weekend. He's really good at finding a bargain.
Gonna go ridin Prise tomorrow afternoon and then maybe again Sat, Sun morning. Workin on getting my legs in shape and just riding in general. Oh, I almost forgot-Chester knocked over my bucket today and while he was playing around with all the crap I stepped up on the bucket and he got All my weight on his back! Never moved a muscle! I'm a proud momma!!!! I've got pics now too, and have no idea how to get them from my e-mail to here. Maybe later!


Surcingles and hitches...

I got up today and went to the local Feedmart on Tuxedo to get Chester some weightbuilder. Two scoops a day is what I think will work-I initially thought maybe two in the am and two in the pm? I still may change my mind. I also got some showsheen-because I really need it right now : )
Chester wore his surcingle again today and did very well. Worked on in-hand a little, also did some more mane and tail treatment with some hoof oil as well. Had to take it easy today, I think I got tied up yesterday. Random came by and him and Marlin went to the shop to check out welders and metal and came back with a hitch to put on our truck.
The kids all got hot and Dian busted out some cold water bottles to drink, I think the hose would be fine, but she insists on spoiling them...


I'm not a horse whisperer!

Really, I'm not! I just want Chester to enjoy us as much as we enjoy him! He's so sweet and loving toward everyone, sometimes I just want to hang out with him.
But today, we worked on standing tied-which was a total breeze. I even tried something by myself. The yearlings were eating dinner, so the pen was empty. I locked their paddock gate and took Chester into the yearling pen to walk around. He did wonderful-especially considering his two year old crew were running around like, well two year olds. Last time I did this, Dian locked the gates and while we were standing there talking, Chester bit me and Clay (my 6 yr old son) stepped on a nail. Today was sooo much better! Afterwards, I tied Chester again and he stood for a good rinse. I think he's just really down for whatever I feel like doing.

Afterthought: Random (my husband) was totally against the idea of me getting a horse-so I did anyway. He really likes Chester, you should have heard him baby-talking today during rinse.

Okay, starting a blog.

So, I must admit, starting a blog is a daunting task. With the trusty computer walking me through, I've managed! I think.
This is the long tale of Wynchester, my gray Arabian gelding. We all lovingly call him Chester. He is a two year old. I bought him in May and am training him myself. I relish the idea of sharing my trials via the internet.
A long while ago, I begged my parents for a horse. In 1993 I got my wish. Buck, was ? year old appaloosa gelding with whom it was a mutual love at first sight. I learned so much about love and respect from him. Through the years I bought and trained a few colts with Buck as my trusty guide teaching us all. He even taught all three of my children. In July 2007, he grew weary with life on this earth and a big chunk of me left that night with him.
So, life went on. I moved with my family to Bartlesville last summer. At work, I met Dian. She raises Arabians and said I and my family could come visit anytime. Well, I should have known...I found Chester, and it was love at first sight. With Dian's ever-present help, I officially own him now, and we're working on each other.