Somebody's watching me...

The kids are out of school on Christmas break! This is exciting to me, because working horses is much more invigorating with Patience (able to do her own horse) and the boys (wreaking havoc) all running around, making noise, and shaking up the horse's dull lives a bit :) Today was rather interesting, I've separated Chester and Rascal into different paddocks because of some "fit" issues - mostly related to being friend sour and they seem to be doing sooo much better this way. Plus Chester was eating Rascal's tail and I can't very well take her to any show's with a half-eaten tail!
At any rate, us girls were feeding, grooming, mucking, etc while the boys took turns "working" each other in the round pen. (It's sooo cute, one of them stands in the middle with a whip and "drives" the other one around the pen-I need to get pics) After a while I kicked the boys out of the round pen and exercised Chester. When we got done, Patience asked if I was going to exercise Rascal and I told her yes, just let me get my stuff put up. Low and behold, I came out of the shed and Patience had Rascal bookin it around the round pen! Free lunge at that! My jaw absolutely hit the ground - I mean, we've worked on this before but Patience just wasn't catching on to the body language and they just didn't "click" so I've just been doing it. After I picked up my jaw I walked over and watched, just giving a few pointers. If I hadn't seen their communication with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it, they were totally in the zone and completely concentrated on each other!
Later on, in the car I asked Patience where she learned all that. She simply said she'd been watching me do it and so now she knows how...



Uh oh! One of the many things I try not to think about is grass fire. Hubby got a call yesterday and I answered (he was cleaning fish). A friend called to inform us that there were some huge grass fires and one just happened to have surrounded my beautiful Arabs. Shit. I tried not to panic. Hubby noticed my non-panic as I frantically searched for my keys and cursed our house ghost (they are never where I left them) and we all hopped in the truck and hauled A** to the horses to discover that indeed there was a fire all around the horses. To the north, south, east, and west, only missing the paddocks by feet. Fire trucks were everywhere, I was worried about the horses, and about all the livestock, houses, hay, etc. Needless to say, Chester and Rascal were NOT happy with all the fire and sirens and commotion, but they both kept their heads. I think if I'd had to move them pronto it would not have been difficult. I never did find my keys - not till this morning did I find them in a basket by the TV. Shakin my head, I would never have put them there?!


After some thought, I disagree...

About a month and a half ago the farrier was out to do the horses. Since he's really about the only other horsey person I see we usually talk horse. The conversation got going really well while he was doing Rascal's feet and he voiced some opinions that I've been mulling over. We were discussing getting horses under saddle. His opinion is that training a horse to carry a rider is the "hard" part and all the ground work is the "easy" part and that bascially anyone can teach a horse ground work. After some careful thought I have to say that I disagree. Obviously not anyone can teach a horse how to move on the ground, how to respect your space, and how to exhibit proper manners. Maybe it is easy, and maybe my opinion is based on the fact that so many people just do not teach/make their horses behave properly on the ground. I think the riding foundation is built off the ground foundation and if there's a crack anywhere you have to go right back to square one-which is on the ground.
LOL! Now onto more important things. The horses are doing very well, it's getting cold, the days are shorter and Christmas is right around the corner!


That went well....

Finally got sick and tired of the horses having mohawks! I took a trip to Atwoods (my favorite store) and bought some clippers. First I bought the Wahl brand that had battery powered clippers along with the little hand one (for whiskers and such) but took that back because the small one only lasted about four whiskers. I exchanged for some Andes brand and boy howdy do they work great! I actually cut the horses whiskers and bridle paths, then went home cleaned the clippers and gave both the boys a fade! I have to say, I was nervous about getting the "cheap" clippers (if you count fifty bucks as cheap) - everyone I talk to says don't waste your money. Actually, I could not be happier with my purchase at this point and I think if kept clean and sharpened these will work for what I want to do!
On another note, Rascal. Enough said right? Saturday was family horsey day and while Patience re-braided Rascal's mane I started to ride Chester in the round pen. After about ten minutes or so I looked over and Patience was standing there with her chin on the gate with a wistful look in her eye. You can evaluate the wisdom of my next parenting decision; I told Patience to come here, put her helmet on her head and told her to get on Chester - and she did. I kept a lunge line on him and all they did was walk in circles but the smile on her face said it all. So, at this point I am stumped. Current financial's prohibit another horse and we really love Rascal - plus her progress is astounding. Making her work is the option for now. So, today I got on Rascal. No, I didn't actually ride her, but I plopped a bucket next to her and laid on her back. Then I saddled, lunged, and put weight in both stirrups. Considering her previous reactions, today went well. Exceptionally well.


Well I'll be darned...

Oklahoma had an earthquake today! A five point-something on the richter scale about nine thirty this morning. Guess what? I was mucking around (LOL)... seriously though, I was cleaning up some horsey poo while Chester and Rascal enjoyed a light snack when all of the sudden they both just kinda flipped out. They just started running and neighing and kicking, even Sami ran around- I bet they didn't stop for about ten minutes! I just thought it was cool and they were all enjoying the weather. Anyway, the morning continued on normally. I groomed, threw out some hay, and went home to shower and nap before work. When I got up this afternoon it was all over the news and I thought - that's what their deal was this morning! There was an earthquake, the animals knew it, and I never felt a thing. I'll be darned!


Yak Yak

The farrier came out this week-yes, I decided that my back is not cut out for that. I did file both horses a couple of times to extend the length of time between trims and the farrier was supportive. I also did something interesting over the summer into September-the horses are now on a roughage diet only. I gradually cut their grain ration down to nothing, unless they give me a good hard workout and then it's served as more of a treat. It's definitely made both Chester and Rascal more manageable and they look better than ever. Chester is not even requiring weight builder!
I rode Chester some this week and we worked on frustration. Chester is easily frustrated when learning something new, and this is no different. I guess keeping his "lessons" short and to the point are just what he needs right now-I hope to goodness all this pays off because I'd really like to do some trail rides next summer!


Three days, two horses, one tarp...along with my musings.

Along with some days off together, came some horsey training time. As usual, it was interesting.

Day 1: Chester is in the round pen. I decide to go get the $5 tarp I got at Atwood's out and see what happens. History tidbit - every other time I have gotten a tarp or plastic substance around Chester it has produced an amazing explosion. Nothing new for today. I took the tarp out of the bag while standing in the middle of the round pen and Chester took off at a dead run as if hungry mountain lions had spotted him. Sigh. I reined Chester into me with the lunge line with my left hand and held the tarp with my right hand. After ten minutes or so of circles he let me sack him out on both shoulders.Next is Rascal. She took the tarp in stride. I sacked her out and while she was obviously nervous, she never bolted. Deciding to push her, I put the tarp on the ground and asked her to put both front feet on it. This produced a couple of snorts, but nothing hairy happened. After this non-reaction from Rascal I decided that if sweet Chester wanted to eat, he could eat off the tarp. He took about a half hour to accomplish this task, but in the end he stood on the tarp rather nervously, and ate.
Day 2: Chester is meeting the big blue monster again, after he's already eaten on it again today. I was frankly irritated at his reaction (I'm human, OK) so I sacked him out until he put his head down and then asked for him to place both front feet on the tarp - which he did- finally.
Rascal walks over the tarp today, with all four feet touching it. The first time, she walked over, then did a little hop-around to see if it was coming to eat her. The second time, it was no big deal.
Day 3: Jeez Chester, you just ate off it again. I sacked him out and asked him to walk completely over the tarp. He hopped around, jumped over, shimmied, jigged, and planted his feet and refused to move forward. Uh-huh. Listen Chester, the kids are in school and it's only 9am, I've got all day to mess around here so let's just get it done. So, he did. I was super-proud of him too! Rascal wears the tarp today. She also walked over it and yawned.

Some other interesting tidbits: Patience had her first Washington Co Saddle Club Meeting this week (the boys are signed up now too, they can be clover-leafs till they're 9). Suffice to say that it was interesting. The meeting didn't start on time, but it was very educational for the young horsey-mind. We also discovered that you don't even have to OWN a horse to be in the club (however, some helpful mom's are willing to sell you a MINT of a horse AND give lessons - snort) and after some careful deliberation, Patience thought that Rascal should be great for now - thank goodness. I was a little put out at the club leader though, after the meeting part was over and they elected the next year's officers, she had everyone say their name and if they had a horse and about their horse etc... When Patience's turn came she said her name and Rascal and stated that she shows Sport Horse In Hand. The leader responded "so you do speed events?" No, Sport Horse, In Hand. This puzzled the leader and she said "do you ride her?" No, not yet. Leader: "She's eight years old and you can't ride her?" At this point everyone was staring at Patience and she looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole. Dang it, I am trying to get my daughter out of her shell and at this point your fifty-something ass is not helping! I realize, that taking an eight year old mare who's been out to pasture for six, was not the best idea. I get it, and I'm frustrated with myself, but Patience has shown her at halter and learned to groom and clean feet and sing to the horse - and that dang horse has boosted her confidence so much she wanted to join 4-H AND play basketball this year, so move along to the next person please! They finally moved it along, and after the meeting was over Patience decided that 4-H was indeed a wonderful idea and she can't wait till the next meeting.
Anyway, those are my random musings for today!


Time off...

Wow, six whole days off! I didn't ask for a vacation, but that's how my schedule worked out this weekend, and I wasn't about to argue! First, a little extra sleep and some movie's. Then working the horses and grocery shopping. After that, a visit home to see grandma. Saturday I took the kids to the Indian Summer Festival here in B-Ville in the am, then to the Western Heritage Days in Dewey for the afternoon. What a blast! Sunday Patience had her 11th (yes count 'em) birthday party. I've had plenty of extra time to work the horses and I even accomplished a couple of goals. First, Chester and Rascal will both let me sack them out with a tarp. So far, Chester will stand on it only with his front feet, but Rascal walks over it no problem. Second, I trimmed Chester's hooves myself! I would have done Rascal as well, but my back was screaming, so she gets it tomorrow. I know, what mundane things to have accomplished, but they're exciting to me.
On another note. Patience is going to join the local 4-H horsey club and she is dead set on having a horse to ride. She saved all of her money from her birthday and we have discussed the fact that mom and dad can only afford to keep two horses so one must go and left the decision up to her. After some careful thought, she decided a horse to ride is what she wants. -Interestingly enough, I am having a tough time deciding just which one will have to find a new home.


Hold on...

I discovered yesterday exactly why I do not take people out to "meet" our horses. An acquaintance at work who happens to live here used to "break" horses with her dad and practically insisted on coming out some time to say hi. I relented, everybody needs horsey time, and what's an extra hand to groom, right? Wrong. The acquaintance brought along her young child, which I don't mind (usually) because I have kids too. Anyway, the kid was wild, even after I explained all the rules about not climbing, running, screaming, etc... It started out nice enough, with her doing some grooming and me hauling around some hay and feed while Patience groomed Rascal. Then it escalated until I told all three of the boys (my young sons included) to just go play by the car - away from the horses. Then I decided to hop on Chester because I've worked the last three days and like to do a little "freshen-up" as I call it. Danged if that kid didn't come barreling out of my car running toward Chester screaming at the top of his lungs I WANNA RIDE, I WANNA RIDE, I CAN RIDE, I WANNA! My response was a no, followed by a NO, followed by another loud NOOOO, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! All the while poor Chester did his best to stay right where he was, rooted beneath me even though I could tell he wanted to high-tail it across country RIGHT NOW MOM. Needless to say, my lovely little ride was cut short and I escorted everyone to the car.

That whole experience really got me to thinking. I really like being alone. I really like taking my small little family and having our own horsey time. I also really like my days off during the week, the kids are in school and so I have the horses all to myself. Me. Me and sometimes the dog. I've realized that after all these years of searching for a "balance" in life, I've found it and do not want to let it go. Ever. My mind is absolutely cleansed of everything with my horses, and I need cleaned pretty often :)


Enjoy Life.

I've had to make some more horsey changes, but for the better. Chester went on some better feed, the Purina Healthy Edge Strategy and Rascal went on a serious diet. She's dropped about 400lbs (yes she had that much to loose). It's so nice to finally be able to regulate the horses diet and all their care myself! They've also both been on a regular exercise program. I think, that they look wonderful and I can tell they feel wonderful.

Chester looking handsome for the camera.....

and Rascal throws a little of that diva attitude over my way!
I have to admit, most of my horsey deadlines have been moved. Hubby pointed out in mid July that perhaps there was a little too much going on and that being super tired and trying to train the horses constantly was "overwhelming me." (His nice way of saying you're tired and being a *itch) Sooo, after evaluating his opinion, I decided he just might be onto something. I've re-evaluated myself and even though I spend less days actually "training" I think we're making more progress - just because I only "train" on the days I've got the energy and if I'm too tired we just groom or hang out. Frankly, I think we're all enjoying each other more this way. Deadlines are for people who need deadlines. Our family has horses to enjoy the horses, so that's what we've been doing! On an interesting note - I don't know if anyone else has been feeling the economic crunch, but we have. The October Arabian show at the Tulsa state fair is out this year, but there is an open show charging $5 per class at the end of this month we just might load up and go to. Another big expense is the farrier, and I'm seriously considering starting the horse trims myself. -Listen to my whining, and all the while I'm trying to find two saddles :) Anyway, that's today's update, hope to keep it up!


Something New

Soooo, to get to the arabian horse family from now on, you'll have to use http://arabianhorsefamily.blogspot.com I was using a custom domain, but this is just as easy. Plus it's free! :) Will post some updates soon, I promise.


Did you see my butt?

Sigh. So the kids and I went to muck paddocks, clean water troughs, and hang with horses. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, while I was cleaning the trough Chester moseyed over to check it out and started grazing next to me. All of the sudden I felt something crawling up my jeans...seriously! It was all the way up to my thigh and started wiggling - too tight to head up farther I guess. Good grief I freaked out, screaming and jumping all over trying to figure out how to get "it" out of my pants while Chester just stood there munching. Munching and watching. So, not able to get this living squirming thing out of my pants prompted me to just pull the damn things off - right then and there without thinking I pulled my pants off. There is a highway to my left and a house with people in it to my right and my children were behind (they were rolling by the way). Finally, I pulled a little green grasshopper out and sent him on his way. Then I put my pants back on. This sums up my week so far :)



Goodness, it's been HOT around here! 115 for the "heat index" yesterday and believe me, the horses are feeling it-yeah right! The two of them seem to thrive in the heat, running around in the evenings has become a favorite pass time. I have to say, I join in their game and almost had a heatstroke last night.

Chester is doing wonderful under saddle, I've started using a mechanical hackamore and he seems to do really great with either that or just a halter.

Rascal, however, has been a royal pain in the ass. A few weeks ago the farrier came out and she gave him a little trouble, while he was there I asked his opinion. His opinion was that I've been letting my daughter handle her. Rascal needs a firm leader. Hmmm. I took some of his advice though, and I have to say, Rascal is more respectful with me, but more willing for Patience. If that makes any sense. I have been thinking of sending her away for ninety days later this year (must have the money first). Not because I don't think I can train her myself, just that maybe a full-time working mother of three and wife may not have enough time to train TWO horses.



Wednesday night into Thursday morning the weather decided to get crazy and dump 3 inches of rain. As if that wasn't enough the winds gusted well over 60mph and the lightening was crazy (I hear, I was about 60 miles away - working). Anyway, right after I got off work and hopped in the car I got a call from Sallie, one of the owners where we board..um, Chester was out this morning. CRAP! Well, he had gotten out where the round pen is which is another fenced-in area and was grazing to his little hearts content. She called to let me know that they had put him back in he and Rascal's paddock and he looked okay and was walking okay, but that I might want to come check him over and make sure. I stepped on the gas and made record time. Once there, I discovered that I had unloaded my mud boots from the car (more on that trip later) so I ended up getting my work shoes soaked checking Chester over. He is fine, not a mark anywhere except the top of the gate - which has two scratch marks. I think the scratch marks are from his hooves clipping the gate (which is over four and a half feet) as he sailed over like a champion. I really would've liked to have been there so I could see it! Anyway, the two hams got a little extra feed for dealing with what was obviously a very harrowing night and I went home relieved. But maybe, just maybe, we'll try that together someday :)


A Quiz!

Misfit in Paradise e-mailed me the cutest quiz, and I'm just so flattered that anyone wants to know what I think.

1) You can Invite three people to dinner. They can be from the past, present, or future. Who are they? -Okay, I'd start with my alien brother Davis, add in hubby's bff Mark, and then throw in my cousin Travis' mom (Penelope). Then I'd laugh my ass off, cause they are all polar opposites, and watch the fireworks go off!

2) Why did you start a blog? -I have no one to talk about daily life with, except hubby, and he doesn't really like to look at pictures.

3) Monkey's, llamas, or horses? -Horses. Monkeys always cause an evolution argument and llamas spit when they're pissed.

4) Comedies or poignant dramas? -Comedies, there is enough drama is real life.

5) Do you have siblings? What kind (brothers, sisters, evil aliens)? If yes, where do you fit in the lineup. -Two brothers and one male alien. Oldest is the book-smart smarty pants who has learned some hard lessons in life. He's married now with kids, and never misses a Sunday at church. Frankly, he was sweet to me but the years have created a canyon. Next is the sweetie pie who's stomach is constantly stressed about life. He's the mediator who tries to make everyone happy. After that is the alien. He wasn't an alien until this marriage, but the new wifey decided she doesn't like the sister (don't worry, all I had to do was breathe fire in her general direction). And me, I'm the sister. The youngest and only girl of four children. Grew up with four dad's and they made me tough - I'm The Devil Wears Prada of the Arab Crazy Family :)

6) Besides me, who is your favorite author? What book? -Well crap, I'm a total Twilight junkie. (Stephenie Meyer)!

7) Are you a Gleek? -Hmmm? Well if a Gleek is someone who is slightly geeky and watches Glee, then yes. I do on occasion gleek when I am talking.

8) Do you have any You Tube subscriptions? If yes, what? -No.

9) Inside? Outside? Country? City? -Outside in the country.

10) Paper, plastic, or bring your own? -Plastic.

Thanks Misfit! Don't worry, I'm rockin the bumper sticker in Fort Worth this week!


Go and Whoa...

Chester's specific goal for today was letting me mount from the off side and moving off my legs. He had no issues with the off side mount and after about twenty minutes of moving off my leg and getting rewarded each time he was just done. Chester has always been that way when learning something new. His mind works really hard to figure out what it is I want. I have learned that once he "gets it" and does it right two or three times his mind is usually blown and nothing will come of me pushing harder that day. So, after I got what I wanted, he got some love and some grazing time.

Rascal is learning the fine art of whoa. She has the interesting habit of when I lunge her and ask for "whoa" she automatically turns and reverses the other way - taking off in a trot. No thanks. So today, my goal was when I say whoa, she stops. It was cute to watch her mind take in this "new" concept. She caught on quickly though, and we moved on to saddling from the off side, which we'll do again tomorrow.

Another interesting note is the weight tape. It's time to worm so I got out the tape. Chester is about the same weighing in around 740lbs. Rascal's weight is not on the map :) The tape goes to 1250lbs and she measures over that, around 1300lbs - she's also a little under 14 hands. Chester is a little over 15 hands. I think Chester is looking very well, and I think Rascal is a short round horse (translation - fatty). So, how accurate do you think weight tapes are? Do you use one, or rely on your eye?



Remember those summer vacations when you were a kid?

The backyard and some cool water was a magical place on a hot day.

These smiling faces and the sound of that laughter make everything worthwhile.

The innocence of childhood...

is infectious.

I think my kids are making me feel young.



Thought I'd go ahead and post some update pics, plus I'm so proud of our progress!
The boys went to a birthday party this afternoon, so Patience and I headed over to mess with the horses - guess what? They were both still wearing their fly masks! Chester is doing fine with saddling, as you can see here, he's about to fall asleep.

Bridling is not a problem either, I think he's getting bored with that too. Note: You should probably not put pieces of tack in your mouth, because said pieces of tack may or may not have been on the ground where there may or may not have been horsey poop.

Here's the ride! All we're doing is just walking in circles, and that's all we'll do next time too. Did you think we'd take off in the pasture? Come on, you know me better than that :)

We did circles to the right as well, but I think the camera girl got bored.

After Chester and I took our ride, it was time for Rascal to work her buns off. Literally. She's still uncomfortable with the saddle, but with some gentle encouragement she does just fine.

For the last few weeks, Rascal has been learning that she does have to work. I had really been getting after her for some physical effort, but those days are long gone - as you can see, I don't even need a whip anymore! Not only that, but she pays excellent attention and is ready to do whatever I ask. She's still a pain sometimes, but not in a super annoying way ;)

Ah, the helmet monster! She's quit jigging in circles, but is still very very scared of that thing. Couple more weeks and she'll be an old pro.

Another milestone for Rascal is that she's bridling and unbridling with no problems. (It is however, still yucky).

After working the horses, letting them graze, feeding, and replacing the fly masks (phew) Patience and I were hot and ready for some AC. Before we could enjoy though, this little turtle had to get some help crossing the driveway. I just couldn't bear to leave it and lucky for me Patience was willing to touch it!

Have fun, and enjoy your family and horses as much as I am!


We'll see if they're still on when I get back.



Goodness, yesterday turned out to be one of the best ever! I rode my horse...since I haven't posted in a while, I'll run through all the things we've been working on. Since we moved, I've been double-timing it on our training. Let's face it, Chester has enough saddle hours under his belt for me to get on and Rascal needs more saddle hours (not to mention she's pleasantly plump and needs to get into shape). For some reason though, they both have been terrified of my helmet. Your guess is as good as mine - maybe the glare? Anyway, to "help" them through the terrifying helmet ordeal I started with Chester and tied the helmet to the saddle a hundred different ways until he got used to it flopping all over the saddle, then I threw it all around the round pen until he quit jumping every time it landed. Chester took it all in stride, he only had one little moment when the helmet was floppin in the seat - but he got over it fairly quickly. Rascal, on the other hand, had a BIG moment when the helmet was floppin in the seat, she decided whatever was up there was going to EAT her in the next five seconds! One step forward and two steps back with her. It's hard to remember that they are two different horses sometimes, and to remember that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. At any rate, Rascal took a long time with the helmet and got really worked up - worked up enough that I worried about electrolytes and have made it a point to go get some. Back to the story: I've also worked very hard with the bridles and long - lines to at least get both of them plough reining and to get some of the basics out of the way on the ground. Last night, I got Chester saddled and bridled and lunged him a bit. He was acting like such a gentleman (and there were people around - hubby, friend, and Bob working on fence) that I decided to grow some and hop on. I gave Patience my phone and told her if anything happened to start yelling for help and call 911 (okay, maybe a little dramatic but it never hurts to have a plan). So, I got on. Chester froze. He has a bad habit of freezing when he is scared so it took a few minutes to get him used to the idea of moving forward but he did it! He did it and I did it! All we did was walk in circles both ways for about ten minutes but he kept his head down, didn't freak, and I got a total rush! I am so proud of Chester and can not wait to get back on! He knew he did something amazing, because he got petted and kissed and then I let him out in the "open" area to graze! After that, Rascal got lunged under saddle and she did perfect (after the helmet monster I had no idea what to expect). So, after Chester did perfect and Rascal did perfect and everyone swallowed their fear - both horses got to graze in the open and got lots of pets and praise! I will try to update more often and with pics.


Pictures are worth a thousand words...

*Warning: Very boring blog post ahead, if you don't like random pics of my day then skip this one!*

Miss Rascal in her new home getting a good pet.

Chester poses with Patience, but the camera woman missed her head.

Hubby takes care of the lawn.

Our awesome garden!

Max plays with the kids!

And I pose with Miss Sami.

We took these pics all in the same day, it was raining in the morning, but got sunny and beautiful to complete an almost perfect day with the family!


A few horse show pics...

There are a few horse show pics that turned out okay. Here's Chester and I in Sport Horse. He drastically improved since the last show as far as behavior.

Patience and Rascal were the first class in and as far as I'm concerned got an inadvertent disadvantage. I'll explain, the judges took a break before the gelding classes so I got to take Chester in the arena and practice the pattern about ten times right before the class. Patience took Rascal in and she was nervous - as was Chester the first few times. Anyway, it's a lesson learned, and great practice for Patience because she handled Rascal's nerves like a pro!

Here's grandpa! He came down to offer the kind of support only HE can, and it helped. Patience also showed Prize in Sport Horse, and was supposed to do the walk trot later on but couldn't because Prize went lame. D had a vet look at her and they determined age plus the stall.

All in all, it was a wonderful mothers day weekend with my whole family!



Technology never ceases to amaze me. I haven't been blogging, because our computer took a nose-dive crash. After trying to fix it and having no success, the ole trusty has been hooked back up. By "ole" I mean OLD - it's an early nineties model, but even though it's very slow, it seems to be working ok. There are sooo many updates! To start, Patience and I hitched a ride to the Green Country Arabian Classic last weekend (Thanks D!). We showed Chester and Rascal Sport Horse in Hand and they both did really well! This weekend turned out a success as well. Chester and Rascal have left the homeland, because I moved them to a different place on Sunday. What a day, we borrowed my dad and his trailer (he delivered it full of square bales - thanks Dad!) and spent the morning moving horses, stuff, and settling everyone in. I have so far been pleasantly surprised how well they're doing and how level-headed they are both being. This morning they both had a good walk, exploring all around, and a decent work-out in the round pen as well. Chester did not mind going with me and Rascal did wonderful by herself. When I took Rascal away from Chester though, he discovered being lonely and threw a fit. I just went ahead and left Rascal in the round pen till he got over it. All in all, I think this change will be good for the horses and good for the family!


This and that...

Hmmm. All the green grass is making Chester hungry.

Just last Sunday the landscape looked like this...

It's raining, it's been raining, but I'll take the rain and sixty degrees over the freaky winter storms anyday!


My horses are miserable...

And so are we! Ole Man Winter visited again and he sure hit hard this time. The snow really isn't that bad, but the dang wind is a killer. We can't even play in the snow, because it's being driven right into any exposed skin so hard it feels like needles. I had to work on Friday (the storm moved in Friday evening) so I couldn't get blankets on Chester and Rascal - lucky for me, D did it. I would've put them on ahead of the storm, but until it actually hit it was seventy degrees! So far, the only trips we've taken have been to the grocery store (cause when you're cooped up everyone is hungry) and to the movie store (New Moon came out on DVD). On the way home from the grocery store I checked in on the horses, and did they ever look miserable. The dogs and cats are doing fairly well and are staying cozy in their "caves." Maybe by tomorrow we'll be able to see the nice green grass again!


Well, I made it out of bed today...

The last week or so has been hell - to say the least. After a couple doctors and a couple days of missed work it's been discovered that I have an ulcer. Damn it, I never knew those pesky little things could be so life altering - or so pesky! Medicine has definetely helped, but even with the mountain of (very expensive) pills the doctor prescribed, I am still feeling like someone ran over me. After a couple days of not really knowing what was wrong I made a doctors appointment. The first mistake I made was not insisting that they see me that very day, but I had no idea everything was about to get a thousand times worse..when it did get worse, I went to an "after hours" clinic (another mistake) where after about ten seconds the (dumb***) Dr told me that I had a "virus" and it should last about twenty four hours. Umm, I've been sick already for three days, so I begged and begged my Doctor's office for the next possible appointment. At this point, I'd already missed a whole day of work and nothing was getting better. Well, the next appointment just happened to be the next day and I was scheduled to work - so I called in and went to the doctor. I hesitated to call into work - being a new employee and knowing how much missing work is frowned upon in my profession, yet I quite frankly did not know how I was going to work. I'm glad the doctor's appointment won. My hubby has been very worried, and to be honest I was probably more worried than he was :) Doctor says it's gonna take a month or more for everything to get normal, but so far the meds are helping and I made it out of bed!


Trying out the Sunday Stills...

The Prarie

Took this picture on a visit home.
It's only a couple hours away, but you can't recreate this view anywhere near where I live now.


Big Daddy

"Trucker" is Chester's dad. D is hoping to get him ready for the show in May. I think he'll be ready and he's going to do wonderful. He's already got halter under his belt, now she's thinking Sport Horse and she'd like to get him going better under saddle as well. I like to watch Trucker work - Not only is he beautiful, he's got a good head and a good nature.

When I watch Trucker work, I am reminded a lot of Chester. Then I look at the other three year old's and the two year old's he's fathered, and he is one impressive stallion. He manages to pass on amazing conformation and great attitudes.

I've been trying to help D get him ready for the show, he's been getting clipped, exercised, and working under saddle. Even though it's spring and there are ladies across the road he keeps focus and works very hard.

For more info on Chester's big daddy head on over to http://www.elizacreekarabians.com/ and click on the Winseck Whirlwyn link!


Hey! Chester came back...

With plenty of distractions and new things to learn, my willing Wynchester came back! He was a perfect angel again.

I think learning is making him feel better.

Patience and Rascal have been making all kinds of progress.

And we're all enjoying spring again.


Chester cops an attitude-

Poor, poor Chester.

Spring has sprung, and with the nice dry roundpen, warm sunny days, and a show in two months he is being "forced" to work. I am fairly lenient when it comes to the first few minutes in the round pen. A little freshness is a sign of feeling good to me, but we seem to have reverted back to six months ago when he started to turn butt in and kick at me. Two steps forward and a zillion steps back is what seems to have happened. Sigh, it may be the weather, less handling last month, etc etc. The fact is, kicking at me and acting like an ass in the roundpen makes me just not care what his reason may be - it's unacceptable. So as a consequence Chester has to work harder. I don't mean running around in a damn circle untill he's too tired to stand, I mean more transitions, reversals and new stuff. Trying to wear out an Arabian is just pointless. Yesterday he calmed down, then wired back up so I put the landscaping timbers back in the pen in strategic places - he went to bucking and nonsense and promptly tripped over one and planted his face in the dirt...that was the end of the attitude for the day. Not exactly what I had in mind. My idea, is to distract him each day with something new untill we've worked through the nonsense. I'll keep posting and let you know how that's working out. :)

Rescue needs a good home...

Some lady called D about an Arabian gelding she had rescued. She's trying to find a good home for him - someone that knows horses, and knows the Arabian breed. He's a nice gelding, touchy about his feet and is broke to ride although she's not been on him. He has lost papers that can be recovered via the AHA. He is very sweet natured and just needs someone to bond with.

She asked Dian for help, taking pics and looking for a home. D's camera isn't working right, so I got recruited as well.

When we got there, Dian had to catch him.

The lady described him as a "Typical Arabian" which essentially means he's way smarter than she is :)

Smokey is sharp as a tack, has his "lady" completely fooled, and isn't gonna work for you unless he trusts you. He'll be much better looking when he's cleaned up and has his feet worked on. That of course, is my first impression.


Takin a day off.

Life catches up. I went to the library this morning and got all three sequels to Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove. Ms Sami and I are headed to bed!


Well CRAP!

I am a sucker. Saturday was a perfectly normal day till I went across Eliza Creek to feed Auti and the girls...I spotted this little dog. She was so happy to see someone and when she came running up to me, I noticed that she'd gotten tangled in a thorn bush, some burrs, and definitely some stinky mud. She seemed nice enough, so I got out half of a cheeseburger (I didn't eat all of it) and gave it to the poor thing. Then I fed the horses and got ready to leave: so did she. When I opened my car door she hopped right in and the thorn branch stuck to her back got caught on my seat. Crap. Having a concious can be so annoying. I took off my coat, wraped her up and proceeded to drive around and find the owner. To my dismay, no one has ever seen this dog. Again - CRAP. So, I took her home cut out the thorns and burrs, fed her and crated her in our garage. Hubby was out of town (lucky for me). This morning, I started in on her hair and it took me TWO HOURS to cut out the mats everywhere...literally like something you'd see on animal planet - her hair had even grown all around the collar! After trimming, she got a bath and some frontline. I've been trying to find an owner/ad for a lost dog, but with no luck. D is going to ask around tomorrow. I can not keep her, I can not keep her, I can not keep her....

But dang it! She's good with dogs, cats, kids, and horses.