Uh oh! One of the many things I try not to think about is grass fire. Hubby got a call yesterday and I answered (he was cleaning fish). A friend called to inform us that there were some huge grass fires and one just happened to have surrounded my beautiful Arabs. Shit. I tried not to panic. Hubby noticed my non-panic as I frantically searched for my keys and cursed our house ghost (they are never where I left them) and we all hopped in the truck and hauled A** to the horses to discover that indeed there was a fire all around the horses. To the north, south, east, and west, only missing the paddocks by feet. Fire trucks were everywhere, I was worried about the horses, and about all the livestock, houses, hay, etc. Needless to say, Chester and Rascal were NOT happy with all the fire and sirens and commotion, but they both kept their heads. I think if I'd had to move them pronto it would not have been difficult. I never did find my keys - not till this morning did I find them in a basket by the TV. Shakin my head, I would never have put them there?!


Chris said...

So what happened with the fire - I take it everything worked out ok???

We're so blessed this summer to have had a lot of rain - and more to come! A couple of years back fire was a big concern with us having plans at work to evacuate a stable full of horses we were preparing for sales... not a nice idea!

Sally said...

Luckily, all the fires that day got put out! The fire department's suspect arson though, and are investigating.

Heather said...

We drove down to see family for the holidays and noticed all of the burned grass. Seemed late for controlled burns and also seemed like a LOT of area was covered! Glad to know everyone as OK!!!