Well I'll be darned...

Oklahoma had an earthquake today! A five point-something on the richter scale about nine thirty this morning. Guess what? I was mucking around (LOL)... seriously though, I was cleaning up some horsey poo while Chester and Rascal enjoyed a light snack when all of the sudden they both just kinda flipped out. They just started running and neighing and kicking, even Sami ran around- I bet they didn't stop for about ten minutes! I just thought it was cool and they were all enjoying the weather. Anyway, the morning continued on normally. I groomed, threw out some hay, and went home to shower and nap before work. When I got up this afternoon it was all over the news and I thought - that's what their deal was this morning! There was an earthquake, the animals knew it, and I never felt a thing. I'll be darned!

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