The executive decision...

Well, after all that gushing I did about how well Rascal and Patience were getting along, I should've known that things just could not possibly turn around that fast. Christmas break was a "probationary" period for Rascal. She has thus far proven to be fairly moody, only deciding to be what I call a good fit for Patience when Rascal was in the mood to be a good fit. Other than that, she was just plain confusing to my daughter - I did not have problems making her mind, but Patience is fairly timid (not to mention green around horses) and was having a difficult time. On the second to last day of break, Patience was working Rascal in the round pen and I was watching, leaning on the fence. Rascal had a bit of a moment and when Patience corrected her, Rascal turned her butt in and tried to kick my daughter. Not just kicked AT her, she BACKED up and tried to KICK my daughter. Well, screw that and screw that horse. She is gone. Not without some seriously dramatic moments between mother and daughter. I told Patience right then and there that I was sorry, it was all my fault for picking out Rascal in the first place - but that she was leaving. Wow, I got a violent reaction of tears and when that didn't work, a flat-out stomping fit complete with tears. After that didn't work for her I got the silent treatment, for about two days. At the end of the silent treatment, I told Patience that she would not be without a horse, I would find her a suitable horse - you know, the kind that I should have gotten her in the first place. That seemed to placate her and she started talking to me again. On Friday January 14th, the Arab Crazy Family made a switch. Rascal got delivered back to her previous owner, and Chassy got to become a part of our family.
Meet Chassy: A 22 year old gray quarter horse mare who thus far has proven to be the epitome of a perfect horse for our family. Both the boys ride her, Patience rides her, and last week I took the most wonderful ride reminiscent of my younger years. What a blessing, I can not say enough wonderful things about our sweet new addition! Thank goodness my "mommy" instincts kicked in and thank goodness I backed up my gut feeling.


newmexicomtngirl.com said...

good for you girl. when safety is concerned, feelings can't get in the way. How scary to have watched that.
And what a beauty your new pony is
peace n abundance,

Sally said...

Well, thanks. It was actually really hard to stick to my guns :) But you're right, feelings just can't get in the way sometimes.

Heather said...

Yay! Good for you! That seems like a much better fit for the kids! Do we get to see pics of the kids riding anytime soon?

Sally said...

Pics are on the way! Unfortunately we've had a couple blizzards, and winter is my busy season at work - or I would have already posted some :)